What Are The Best Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers?

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Looking for the perfect chew toy for your dog can be a hassle. You need a toy that will keep your dog entertained but also safe. Above all, a good toy should not ruin a dog's dental health.

It is difficult to find a toy that will take a long time to deform. However, finding this type of toy is time-consuming and expensive. You might want to consider durability while searching for a suitable toy.

Before you make a purchase decision about the best chew toy for your dog, you must conduct intensive research. This article will help you with that search.

All the top-quality and durable toys have been listed in this article. You should consider reading RexiPets' to know more about the correct type of toy for aggressive chewers.

4 Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

1) Chew Rings

When searching for dog chew toys for your pet, you must purchase a solid one. You can keep your dog entertained with chew rings as they can nibble on them, play fetch, or even tug-of-war.

For puppies, this is a fantastic choice because it helps relieve the pain of their gums during the teething process.

However, a chew ring can help more than just small puppies. It can be used by adult dogs as well, as it helps lessen anxiety and stimulates their brain.

This is a good option because of the affordability factor as well. While most of the toys are on the pricier end, you can find inexpensive chew rings easily for your aggressive chewers. This is also a durable option, as these last longer than most of the dog toys on the market. So, you can purchase one toy that will last from when your pet is a puppy to when it becomes an adult dog.

The shape of this chew toy is quite interesting; dogs like to insert their paws in the rings of this chew toy. Not only that, but you can also find the toy in multiple flavors. You can analyze your dog's favorite thing to eat and then get the chew ring flavored to match.


  • It is easy to nibble and play fetch with.

  • It helps with gum pain for teething puppies.

  • It stimulates the brain.

  • It is an affordable and durable toy.


  • Harder chew toys can cause dental damage.

  • Too much chewing can break the toy to the point of becoming a choking hazard if your dog swallows a piece.

  • It can cause digestive tract issues if swallowed.

  • Some chew toys can have harmful chemicals that can be toxic for dogs.

2) Tug Toys

Have you noticed how your dog loves to pull things and play tug-of-war with literally anything that they find? Tug toys for dogs are exactly what they need. If you go out and explore, you will find that multiple tug toys are not only fun to play with but can also help you interact with your dog in the most interesting way possible.

If your dog likes to run after their toys and play fetch, or if they like to take their sweet time to chew their toy, then tug me footballs should be your go-to choice. It also comes in the shape of a bone, which is best for aggressive chewers who like to chew on their toys for long periods.

Tug toys are known for their toughness. Dogs that are aggressive chewers tend to chew on furniture.

In most cases, you might find your shoes half-eaten or ripped because of your dog, and then they have the audacity to give you those puppy eyes. So, this toy will make sure none of the damage happens.

The affordability of this toy is another reason for you to buy it. It is not being offered in different flavors, but it is durable enough to last a long time, making sure your dog remains entertained.


  • It promotes bonding between a dog and the owner.

  • It helps the dog to exercise as tugging is an extensive physical activity.

  • It encourages lazy dogs to play.

  • These toys are useful for training.

  • Tug toys relieve stress in dogs.


  • It can lead to aggressive behavior.

  • Your dog can get hurt while playing.

  • Not suitable for all dogs.

  • It can lead to overstimulation or hyperactivity.

3) Toy Balls

Dogs love to play with balls. They will grab their favorite ball and rush to their owners, forcing them to play fetch. However, for aggressive chewers, these balls will not last a long time. There is a high chance of these balls tearing or ripping apart. A ball as tough as a tennis ball can be ripped by these chewers, which can create issues for your dog if they try to swallow the broken pieces.

You might want to make sure that you look for a spike ball. The best part about these types of balls is that they are made out of natural rubber. This rubber is not only gentle on the dog's teeth but also stimulates the growth of teeth. Your dog's oral health will be taken care of as this toy is especially designed with that in mind.

Veterinarians will recommend this toy to you because they know how helpful it is for your pet's dental health.

This would eradicate the need for a toothbrush for your dog. Most dogs tend to resist toothbrushes, but they would never say no to a toy ball. So, this was a smart move on your end.

To make it more interesting, you can place your dog's favorite treats in RexiPets spike balls, and your dog would love you for that. This would keep them occupied for as long as you want them to be. They would divert their complete attention toward the ball, which is a win-win situation for you.


  • Toy balls help dogs exercise.

  • These balls allow mental stimulation.

  • It helps with bonding with the owner.

  • Some balls help keep the dog's teeth clean.


  • Smaller toy balls can be a choking hazard.

  • Swallowing small pieces of toy balls can cause intestinal blockage.

  • Harder toy balls can damage teeth.

4) Chew Bones

If you are looking for a quality toy that has a space to insert dog treats, then you can look into chew bones. These bones are gentle on your dog's teeth and gums. It is a staple item and must be included in your dog's collection.

Your dog will stay entertained because they will work hard for the treats. They will continue chewing on the bone until they reach the treat, which is not only fun but also challenging. This chew bone aids mental stimulation and is suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes.

The best part about this chew bone is this that it will never crack. Your dog can chew on it for hours and days, and it will not tear.

Just make sure you do not get a squeaky chew bone for your dog as the noise will not let you live in peace.


  • These promote dental health.

  • Chew bones provide mental stimulation.

  • It relieves teething pain in puppies.

  • Chew bones are a healthy alternative to destructive chewing.


  • Harder chew bones can cause dental damage.

  • Small pieces of chew bones can be a choking hazard.

  • It can cause bacterial contamination.

  • It can cause behavioral issues in dogs if they become attached to it.

Material For Tough Dog Toys We Recommend

To find indestructible dog toys or the best chew toys, you need to focus on the quality. Purchasing dog toys is a task of its own. If the dog toy is not of good quality, it can seriously harm the dog's mouth.

It does not matter whether you are looking for a soft chew toy, rubber toys, or a squeaky toy; the main aim should be quality. You can ensure healthy chewing habits if the quality of the tough toy is high.

Rubber toys

Aggressive chewers might be able to damage a chew toy because of their sharp canine teeth, especially if the dog is large. Durable dog toys are usually made of rubber. Kong toys tend to provide the best indestructible dog toys out there.

These not only come in amazing shapes and sizes but are also safe to use because of the rubber used. Kevlar dog toys are made using hard rubber for this reason, making them one of the toughest chew toys.

Plush dog toys

Plush toys can also be resistant to tough chewers, but you have to ensure that the cotton used to make these plush toys is of good quality and does not get damaged easily. Moreover, the better the quality of the chew toys, the more dishwasher safe they will be. It makes them the perfect chew toy and the best indestructible dog toy.

Nyloabone Toys

An American-made chew toy has the best quality of indestructible dog toys out there. Nylabone toys for aggressive chewers are another material option as a durable toy. The natural rubber of Nylabone is used in the toughest dog toys.

These are also the safest chew toys present in the market. The dental health of dogs is not affected by these dog toys either.

Moreover, these Nylon bones are also flavored, and some of them are even scented. These chew toys will easily become your dog's favorite treats.

Rope toys

Rope toys are also made out of good durable material. These durable dog toys take time to dismantle, which keeps the dog busy. Pet parents who do not have enough time on their hands prefer to buy interactive dog toys for their large dogs for this very reason. For most dogs, rope toys can be your pet's chew toy for as long as you would like it to be.

Chew king balls

Chew king balls are another example of durable yet bouncy balls made out of natural rubber. You do not have to worry about artificial flavoring or the chemical scents as the case of Nylon bones.

These can easily be substituted for dog treats to keep your dog occupied. Chew king balls are also available in the form of a squeaky toy. It also does not damage the dental health of your dogs.

Material You Should Avoid When Buying Dog Toys

There are multiple types of material that can have a great impact on the health of your dog if these are present in the chew toy that you purchase for them. Most dog toys are not expensive because of the cheap raw material used to manufacture this.

This is especially true in the case of a plush toy. You have to ensure premium quality because your dogs chew on this toy day and night.

Dog-proof toys

When you are purchasing a chew toy for your dog, you must make sure that it has dog-proof written on it. Dog-proof toys are resistant to damage caused by rough play. This is usually written on most of the squeaky toys present in the market.


The material that you must avoid at any cost and is never present in nylabone toys is lead. This can seriously damage the intestinal system of your dog. It can create breathing problems and can also hinder their brain activity. Lead exposure might also cause heart palpitations.


Another thing that you must avoid is rawhide. This chew toy can damage the dental health of your dog to a great extent and is not dishwasher safe.

It does not matter if you are keeping your dog occupied by this chew toy or if they play fetch using it. If you notice that the material is made out of rawhide, you need to dispose of it.

Harsh chemicals are used in making rawhide chew toys, which dog owners would never buy for their dogs. Even if you have extreme chewers in your house, a rawhide chew toy is not an option for you. The dog bone can damage the dog's teeth permanently.


Wood should not be given to an aggressive chewer as a dog chew toy. This is because of the sharp and pointy these splinters it can create as the dog chews. These can easily cut into your dog's mouth and damage your dog's teeth. Intestinal blockages and stomach ulcers are quite common if wood splinters are substituted as pet's chew toys.

If you purchase a soft toy in the form of a plush toy for your aggressive chewer, you might think that because it is made out of synthetic stuffing, it is an indestructible toy. However, that is not the case. The chew toy is still destructible by extreme chewers and can get stuck in a dog's teeth. It is also indigestible, which affects their health.

Rope toys

We know that rope toys have been suggested as safe toys for aggressive chewers. However, it is important to consider that if the long strands of the rope toy are destroyed, this can greatly impact your dog's health.

It can not only create digestion issues but also major choking hazards for your dog. So, these might not be the best indestructible dog toys or a tough dog toy. It can especially impact large dogs because large dogs are more excessive chewers.

Safety Tips

As pet parents, we all want indestructible dog toys that are safe to use for our little ones. If you are looking for a dog chew toy, there are multiple safety tips to consider before your purchase.

Look for a rubber chew toy

These chew toys are more resistant to damage and do not tend to damage your dog's teeth. These are safe to use because there are no pointy edges, and your dog cannot possibly ingest this toy in any way. This would work best in the shape of a nylon toy or a bone-shaped chew toy. The dog will have fun with it all day long.

Avoid Soft Toys

Soft toys are a no-go for your dogs because these are usually small in size and can be easily ingested by your dog. They cannot possibly distinguish between the food that you provide and the soft chew toy that is kept in front of them.

This can lead to intestinal blockages. If you want, you can purchase these dog chew toys in a large size, but then you would have to worry about the synthetic stuffing inside it.

Make sure the rope toy remains intact

Rope toys are perfect for dogs because they are neither too hard nor too soft for your dog to ingest. However, this does not mean that these toys do not have their cons. You have to keep a strict eye on how your dog chews on it or plays with it to avoid damage to their teeth from friction.

Avoid squeaky toys

A squeaky plush dog toy can create a lot of noise pollution in your house. Every time your dog chews on it, you will hear a loud, shrill sound. Along with squeaky toys, you must also avoid all the toys with a bell inside them or around them. These bells tend to attract the dogs the most.

Dogs are always trying to take off the bell. But these bells are too small for the dog, can be easily ingested, and create a choking hazard.

Keep an eye on ripping

No matter how great the quality of the chew toy, there are chances of rips and tears. This can cause all the synthetic stuffing or the cotton to pop out of the toy and. be swallowed by your dog. You must make sure that you completely sew any ripped area on the toy.

If it has ripped beyond repair then it is about time to say goodbye to your dog's favorite toy.

Look for the right size

It goes without saying that if you purchase a toy too small for the size of your dog, there will be choking hazards. Every dog toy is to become a chew toy for nibblers. They try to chew and swallow everything their owner provides.

You have to make sure that if your dog is small, you do not buy him a large dog toy. At the same time, if your dog is large, you must make sure that the toy is not too small. If you do not look for the right size toy, eventually your dog will get tired of it and not interact with it anymore.

More importantly, you are going to play interactive games like fetch with your dog using this toy. If the toy is too large but your dog is small, they would not be able to carry the weight of the toy.

Make your own dog toy

The best way to ensure safety is to make your own dog toy. For this, you can use two socks and some dog treats. Place the dog treats inside the socks and wrap one around the other. The socks would not rip or tear, and at the same time, your dog will have the flavor of their favorite dog treat.

Remove sharp edges

If you have bought a toy but it has sharp edges, then you need to make sure that you immediately remove or destroy them. The dog can poke its eye with such edges and, if these sharp objects are swallowed, they can damage their esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

Avoid scented toys

Having scented toys is not always as fun as it sounds. These scented toys are traced with chemicals unsafe for your dog's health. This is similar to scented soaps and non-scented soaps. One can damage your skin and ruin the texture and the other can be gentle.

The added chemicals do not ruin the digestive system of the dog nor make them addicted to the toy. An aggressive chewer might already be obsessed with the chew toy but the scent would only enhance the obsession and the dog may over-chew the toy.

Regularly wash the toy

Hygiene is the most important factor in this case. You need to ensure that there are no germs on the dog toy. If you wash the dog toy on a daily basis, it will be safe to use. This is important because every single day, your dog is going to take the toy with them to various places.

It can be in the bathroom, on the playground, or on the streets. These places have different germs from which you have to protect your dog. So, to avoid that, you must sanitize the toy daily. This would further reduce lead exposure for your dog which is one of the most harmful substances to be found in your pet's chew toys.

No matter how indestructible the dog toy you purchase, washing the toy itself is not enough. You need to wash every single place where dirt, silt, and germs can enter the toy. You have to provide them with a safe environment. For that, you would have to mop the floor, clean the window sills, and tidy the stairs as well.


We all know that we never want to see our dogs hurting. We want them to stay healthy throughout their lives as we treat them as our kids. This is why it is very important for you to find tough toys that are good quality and are also safe. This way, you will not have to worry about your aggressive chewer again and again.

We cannot ignore the fact that dogs have really strong teeth, and their canines can easily tear things apart. If you purchase cheap chew toys for pets, they will not last long because of their poor quality.

We know that you want your dog to have the best indestructible dog toys to stay happy, active, and busy. You need to purchase durable chew toys for this reason or you can say goodbye to your furniture and clothes.

You might want to check RexiPets for their amazing collection of tough, high-quality, inexpensive, and durable chew toys for your dogs.

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