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Why rexipets?

We Can Keep Them Happy

We use our own pets as part of our vetting process and if they do not positively respond to an item, we will not carry it!
We hope you love our products as much as our own pets do and become a brand ambassador.

What customers say

20,225 REVIEWS

“Our “big guy” LOVES this. He hasn’t chewed it up yet which is a miracle. He plays with it every day.”

-Mark P

"RexiPets is so great to work with! Their customer service was so helpful when I had an issue with my address. They cleared it up quickly and took great care of me!"

-Stacy K

“The Diamond Nail Grinder is exactly what I needed to get my pup’s nails in check. I don’t know how we ever got along without it!”

-Paul J

“My dog just loves playing with his new toy from RexiPets. He has been chasing the ball around the house since we opened the box!”

-Maggie F

“This stuff is solid! The dog nail grinder came in only after a few days. Great tool to trim my dogs nails. It took a bit for my dog to get used to it, but since then its been super easy. Its powerful and quiet!”

-Jim T

"The mouse looks so real, it scared my girlfriend at first. My persian cat just loves chasing it."

-Rok B

"If your dog likes to tug, this is the rope to get. Its high quality, durable and long enough to give you some leverage."

-Marry A

"Where has this been my whole life? It has made life so much easier, my puppies just love it. BEST BUY EVER!"

-Andy M

We love pets!

Rexipets selectively aggregates the best products from around the world, creating an expertly curated shopping experience for you. Our goal is not to have the largest but the best selection of products…ones we would want to recommend to our family and friends! Our own pets are part of our vetting process and if they do not positively respond to an item, we will not carry it!

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