Let's Find Out How to Unmat Dog Hair

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Having a silky, long-fur pet is lovely. But it can also be challenging for you and your furry friend.

Dogs with long hair tend to develop mats and tangles, which look unpleasant and cause discomfort for your dog. If you do not treat matted dog hair properly, it can cause health issues for your dog.

But how to unmat dog hair?

You need patience, the correct method, and proper dog grooming accessories to treat the mats properly.

In this article, you'll learn about mats, their causes, how to remove them, and some prevention tips. 

What Causes Mats in Dog Hair?

Mats are knots or hair clumps formed in the furs of dogs. They usually appear in the shedding season. The size of mats varies, as they can be the size of a coin or as big as a rope knot.

Let's view the causes of mats in dogs in detail:

  1. Friction

    Things that are in continuous contact with the dog's loose hair can cause friction and, ultimately, mats.

    But how?

    A knot will form when anything gets in contact with the dog's fur and is rubbed by it. Suppose your dog wears a collar and itches in that area; the neck portion will get tangled, and large mats will occur.

    Rolling and rubbing on the floor and flat surfaces will also cause matted hair. So, make sure when you make your dog wear accessories they are tightly snug to their body and don't itch much.

  2. Lack of Grooming

    Inadequate grooming can also cause mats in the dog's body. If your furry friend has dense coats, you need to do regular brushing to avoid the occurrence of any mats.

    Skip one day of grooming, and don't bathe your dog. You will see a lot of tangled furs and mats on the body, which can lead to more if left untangled.

  3. Scratching

    Dogs usually scratch their ears, legs, and back areas. Keep an eye on the areas where your dog is licking. The more your furry friend scratches an area, the more likely mats will develop there.

  4. Shedding

    Dogs shed fur seasonally or annually. They will get mats or knots if you don't brush them. Golden Retrievers and Huskies shed heavily, so they are usually prone to mats when you don't frequently brush.

    Moreover, many breeds shed their undercoats seasonally to prepare their fur for the warmer months. Therefore, the shredded fur blends with natural furs, making it a matted area and a mess of mats.

  5. Water

    Being a pet owner, you must know that your dog will have mats in the rainy season. Your furry friend may be used to rolling on wet grass and swimming. These can cause mats. This happens because water gets mixed with the dirt and dust, thus creating solid mats.

  6. Coat Type

    Different coat types, like poodles and terriers, are more prone to mating. American Hairless Terrier and Peruvian Inca Orchid are less likely to have mats.

How Can You Remove Mats from Your Dog's Hair?

We understand that matted dog hair can be frustrating for dogs and painful for you to see.

Let's learn how to unmat dog hair within no time and prevent your pet from multiple health problems.

Step 1 - Assemble your tools

Removing mats is a challenging task. You need to select the right tools to detangle the knots of the dog's fur. You can either use a Dog Dematting Tool or a slicker brush.


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Some mats do not break up easily. It will help if you use the dematting tool to split it up so you can work on the specific section. A dematting tool is a comb-like tool with claw-like teeth. It is designed to reach under the matted hair and pull it out.

Just make sure you don't pull too much. You might hurt your pet or pull out its fur, which can be extremely painful for your dog.

On the other hand, slicker brushes have short wires packed close together. These work great with small mats. These wires penetrate easily through your dog's fur without hurting their skin.

Step 2 - Have good products on hand

Dematting and the detangling process take work. You need such products to soften your pup's fur. Apply it on your hands and your dog's coat to make it easy. Like humans, dog coats need conditioner or detangling spray to help loosen the knotted hair caught in mats and tangles.

Step 3 - Find the mat and tangles

Mats are often formed by scratching a dog's fur, and we usually pat the back of the dog's ears, under the belly, on the chin, and around the neck. Gently brush your dog's fur with a slicker brush or a de-matting tool to find mats and tangles.

Step 4 - Begin at the Bottom

Start working on the undercoat and gradually run the comb to the top of your pet. The entire process needs to be very gentle so that it doesn't irritate your dog. Otherwise, the next time you try to groom your pet, they will most likely get upset.

Step 5 - Firmly Hold the Mats

Hold the knots in your dog's coat tightly enough to grip the hair without hurting the skin. As you know, the skin under matted dog hair is very sensitive. Your gentle grip will make your dog comfortable and help them overcome the pain they might experience during detangling.

Step 6 - Pull the mat away from your dog's skin

As you hold your pet, gently deal with matted fur, and remove the knots gently. This gap helps loosen the knots by removing them from the skin, allowing you to detangle the hair painlessly. Taking care of matted fur is essential to keep your dog comfortable and happy.

Step 7 - Provide Treats

Pets are like babies, so you need to treat your dog with their favourite snacks while you unmat their fur. It helps them feel relaxed and able to sit peacefully.

This trick will show your dog how to connect with grooming and how it can be exciting, which in turn helps build up a positive connection with the idea of grooming.

Step 8 - Recombine the hair

Here comes the final step of the whole process. Once your dog's matted hair is untangled, recombine it by gently combing it with a slicker brush. Brush through the overall hair evenly. It will soothe your dog's fur. Using a slicker brush and detangling spray on the dog regularly will prevent further mats.

How to Prevent Mat in Dogs?

It's better to learn prevention of mats to get rid of future mats. During mat removal, these are the things you should take notes not to do. Make sure you are patient. Your patience will help keep your dog at ease.

  • Making your pup's skin mat-free is a delicate process. Do not use scissors or grooming tools directly. Otherwise, you can harm your dog's skin. Also, it can cause the surrounding hair to be uneven.
  • The skin around the ears is delicate and full of blood vessels. So, don't brush your dog and take the risk of removing mats around the ear. Just shave them right away to prevent matting.
  • Pelting happens when your dog's skin faces severe matting. However, if your dog is "pelting," it is better not to use a mat splitter on his matted hair. Using them will hurt the dog's skin; therefore, go to a professional groomer to get rid of stubborn mats.

Dog Grooming Tips

Not every dog has a healthy coat and tolerance, so it's challenging to accomplish mat removal, especially when your pet doesn't like sitting in one place. Complete dog grooming by giving them small treats so that they can connect grooming sessions with something good.

The best way to prevent mats is to frequently brush your pet's coat in alternating directions. You can easily remove larger mats and tangles using this technique. Long-haired dogs with thick coats need brushing daily. Having pets doesn't mean you just play with them and take good pictures it also includes regular grooming.

Use the best dog clippers to let them stay tidy and prevent their hairs from being tangled. If you accidentally cut the skin of your pet while clipping their hair or removing the mat, immediately seek professional advice to avoid skin irritation and other health problems.

Final Words!

Matting is extremely painful, so learning how to unmat dog hair is a better option that protects your pet from experiencing extreme cases. Dogs shed hair naturally, so brushing your pet's coats regularly can prevent future mats. If not treated well, dogs get mats. Matted dog hair looks bad and gives an unpleasant feel when running fingers through your pup's hair. Therefore, your dog's grooming is necessary to avoid health problems.

Use the proper methods, techniques, and home remedies to brush your dog's coat to prevent future mats in your dog's hair. If the situation worsens, you must take your dog to a professional dog groomer.

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