How To Use Dog Dematting Tool, and Why Is It Important To Use A Dematting Tool

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Hello, pet parents! Are you struggling with detangling your dog's matted coat?

We won't doubt a bit if you say it is the biggest struggle in your life as a dog owner. But don't worry, because today we will introduce you to a tool that will change your life as a pet parent.

In this blog, we will also teach you how to use a dematting tool to combat mats and tangles.

Behold - The Dematting Tool!

We will also review common mistakes you might make during this process. And we will discuss tips to ensure a safe and comfortable grooming session that won't leave you and your dog at war.


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What Is A Dog Dematting Tool?

A dematting tool is a grooming tool used to remove knots, dead hair, and mats from your dog's fur. It is one of many kinds of dog brushes available on the market.

The dematting tool has been developed primarily to remove the knots and matting without affecting the coat.

Getting rid of mats and tangles from your dog's fur is essential since they can cause infections, skin irritation, and even painful skin problems.

Different types of dematting tools are available on the market.

Let's take a quick overview of them -

  • Dematting Comb

    A dog dematting comb is made to cut through mats and tangles with its sharp, curved blades.

    This pet grooming comb has teeth of different lengths and is made of stainless steel blades for maximum effectiveness and durability.

  • Dematting Rake

    A dematting rake is a comb with longer, wider teeth that can sift through mats and tangles in the fur. This tool is beneficial if you have pets with long thick fur.

    You can also opt for a double-sided pet brush for a safe and painless experience.

  • Dematting Tool With Blades

    This is one of the best grooming tools used to remove mats and tangles from dogs' fur.

    It is similar to a dog dematting comb, except it has blades, instead of teeth, designed to cut through mats and tangles. This is perfect for dogs with a double coat.

    Typically made of stainless steel or other durable materials, the blades on the tool are sharp enough to cut through even the thickest and most rigid mats.

    Typically, the blades are angled to make it simpler to slide through the fur and remove the mats without irritating or hurting the dog. 

  • Slicker Brush

    A self-cleaning slicker brush is a classic dematting tool. It has fine, short wires that are close together. It is designed to remove loose fur and tangles from the pet's coat. This brush is ideal for pets with medium to long dog hair.

  • Undercoat Rake

    An undercoat rake is a tool with long, curved teeth used to remove loose undercoat fur from a pet's coat. This tool benefits dogs with double coats, like huskies and German shepherds.

Why Is It Important To Brush Your Dog's Hair Using A Dematting Tool?

Like other pet grooming accessories, a dematting tool holds its importance.

Veterinarians suggest that a dematting tool should be used regularly. It can help loosen and remove matted hair without causing any harm to your feline friend's fur. These unique grooming tools are specially designed to move through mats in dog hair without pulling or causing any discomfort to your pet.

If used properly, a dematting tool can help prevent the buildup of mats, thus making brushing convenient for you and your dog.

How To Use A Dog Dematting Tool For Best Results?

As discussed earlier in the post, there are several dematting tools available in the market. Among them, the dematting comb is the most straightforward tool that is easily available at every pet store.

But there are specific steps one must follow to ensure the process of using a dematting comb is comfortable for you and your dog.

We will be reviewing how to use a dog dematting comb, so sit back and be ready to learn all about using a dematting comb.

Step 1 - Start with a dry, clean coat

It's essential to ensure your dog's coat is clean and dry before using a dematting comb. This is because a dirty or wet coat may make it more challenging to remove mats and tangles. And it may also reduce the effectiveness of the dematting comb.

The dematting comb may get stuck in the coat due to dirt and debris. Gliding smoothly through the fur may be difficult and can cause your dog pain.

Important Note: Additionally, a damp coat might make it more challenging to untangle mats. This is because mats and tangles are more difficult to spot when the fur is damp since fur typically clusters together when wet.

Using a dematting comb on a damp coat may do more harm than good because wet fur is more likely to get damaged if brushed with a dematting comb.

Step 2 - Brush the coat first

Before going all in with a dematting comb, it is good to use a brush for your dog's hair first. This will help you eliminate any loose hair or any dirt or debris that may be present in the fur.

This can act as a prevention step to keep the dematting comb from getting stuck in the coat and make identifying all the problem areas easier. 

Step 3 - Section the fur

It is ideal to section the fur and work in small sections. Take your time with it and be patient with the whole process.

This can help to prevent pulling or tugging on the coat, which can be uncomfortable or painful for your dog. Your dog may also act out if the brushing becomes too harsh, so be extra careful. 

Step 4 - Work your way in

The ideal approach to using a dematting comb is to start from the edge of the tangle, where the mating is less dense and severe. Once you fix it, work into the dense and severe part of the mats.

Remember to be patient during this whole process and take breaks as needed. 

It is also essential to be considerate of your dog and its pain - especially if it has sensitive skin or is easily agitated during the grooming session.

Step 5 - Use Gentle Strokes

When using a dematting comb on your dog's coat, it is essential to use a soft touch and avoid exerting too much pressure. It is vital to gently work with a dematting comb and apply the least amount of pressure.

The dematting comb can pull on the dog's hair if you apply too much pressure, which could make your dog uncomfortable or even hurt.

Important Note: Furthermore, applying too much pressure can harm the dog's hair, causing it to tear or break, resulting in even more tangles and mats.

If you come across a mat or tangle that is very difficult to remove, try using small strokes instead of long, sweeping ones. This will help you in maintaining control and avoiding the use of excessive pressure.

Step 6 - Reward your dog

Positive reinforcement has always proven to be effective in enforcing cooperative behavior in dogs.

When you reward your dog with treats, praise, or affection for good behavior during grooming, you're helping create a positive association with an experience that may be challenging for them. 

It also keeps them from acting out and attacking you. Rewarding your dog is also suitable as a bonding experience. Thus, stock up on treats before executing the mission of dematting.

Tips On How To Ensure Safety Comfort During The Process

We have outlined a few tips to help you while dematting your dog. These tips will help assure their safety and comfort.

Whether you are a new pet parent or have been keeping dogs for a while, we assure you, that incorporating these can make your whole experience smooth and pain-free.

  • Take breaks

    Dematting can be a time-consuming process and also very frustrating for you as well as your dog.

    So be sure to take frequent breaks to give your dog (and yourself) a chance to rest and relax. This can help prevent both of you from becoming overwhelmed or agitated.

  • Introduce distractions

    Giving your dog a toy or having your partner put on a show can help distract your dog from the process of dematting.

    Some YouTube videos can also keep your dog fixated, which can help them stay calm and focused.

    A dog chew toy or puzzle is also a fantastic distraction. It all depends on what works best with your dog according to its personality.

  • Microdose

    It is essential to not work forcefully in dematting for long periods. Begin using the dematting tool for short periods, gradually increasing the time.

    This helps your dog become more comfortable and familiar with the process.

    When your dog is accustomed to the process, they will not becoming agitated or fearful at the sight of a dematting comb. 

  • Seek professional help

    If you and your dog are struggling in this process, it is ok to seek help. So, if your dog is particularly sensitive or aggressive during grooming, consider seeking professional help from a groomer or veterinarian.

    While seeking this help, take it as a learning opportunity. Observe closely how the groomer or the vet goes about this process. This will help you realize your mistakes and pave the path for future grooming sessions.

Common Mistakes When Using a Dog Dematting Tool (+ How To Avoid Them)

You may be unknowingly making a few common mistakes that aggravate the issue of matted loose hair.

We outline a few of them in this article:

Not using the right grooming tools

Every dog is different and thus requires an additional tool for their matted dog hair-related issues.

Using the incorrect dematting tool may result in a long, tedious, good-for-nothing grooming session. That will only leave you and your dog tired and sick of each other.

Neglecting sensitive areas 

Sensitive areas such as the ears, groin, and armpits can be particularly prone to matting. 

Along with being prone to matting, these areas are also sensitive to touch. So, paying extra attention to these areas when using a dematting tool is essential. 

Be sure to use a gentle touch while using grooming tools, especially in these areas, to prevent discomfort or pain for your dog. 

Pulling on mats

Tugging on mats can be painful for your dog and cause them to fear the process. It may even make them act out of anger. So don't play a game of tug-of-war with the mats and the dematting tool. Instead, use gentle strokes to break up the stubborn mats and tangles in your dog's coat.

Cutting out mats

Sometimes you look at the severely matted dog hair and think cutting them out is the easiest way. This is especially true for long-haired dogs. But you need to realize that this matted dog hair sometimes has skin knots underneath.

So, when you attempt to cut them, you may also harm your dog's skin, making the whole issue worse.

How Often Should I Use A Dematting Tool?

It is advised to use the dematting tool once a week for dogs with normal to medium coats. However, if your dog has several mats and tangles it is advised to do it twice to thrice a week. 

When it comes to culty-coated dogs, the curls in their hair tend to become tangled and eventually transform into matted hair, the same with dogs with multiple coats. This is why it is advised to use the dematting tool several times a week, if not daily on them. 

Dematting Tool Alternatives

There are many innovative grooming tools that can help you groom your dogs. These include the following -

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

 It's meant to clean the coat of a cat or dog by removing loose hair, dirt, and tangles. A self-cleaning slicker brush has closely-spaced stainless steel teeth that can remove matted hair efficiently without hurting the animal. Moreover, you can quickly remove hair and dirt from the bristles by pressing a button or pulling a lever. All thanks to its self-cleaning feature.

Pet Grooming Comb

A pet grooming comb is a classic, metal bristles comb used to comb through your dog's coat. It is a common tool that is easy to use and is readily available in most pet stores.

Double Sided Pet Brush

Double-Sided Pet Brush, as its name suggests, has two sides. One side has pins, whereas the other side has bristles. The rounded pin penetrates deep into the dog's coat and gets rid of mats and tangles. Whereas the nylon bristles can be used to groom the undercoat without scratching the pet's skin.

Final Words!

Keeping a dog is a huge responsibility. You have to deal with many issues, and matted fur is just one of them. It is essential to inspect your dog's matted fur from time to time. This will help you identify the issue of matting early on and avoid making it more severe.

A dematting tool is one of the most essential dog grooming accessories that you can't miss out on. It can fix the most stubborn mats. Without it, you are just making your job difficult and tiring.

Moreover, make sure the coat is clean and dry before you start. Secondly, brush out the dirt and debris. Then section your dog's fur, using gentle strokes, working your way in from the edges of the mats. Lastly, don't forget to reward your dog for its cooperation. These ways can help you go about this process without too much hassle.

Trust us, getting a dematting tool will be the best decision that you will ever make. It will not only make your life easier, but it will also make your dog's coat healthy. Matted dog hair is the hub of skin irrations, dead hair, and diseases, which just makes your dog uneasy.

Important Note: Just make sure you go easy while dematting your dogs hair, especially for double coat long-haired dogs.

So, now that you know all about dematting, go ahead, put on your problem-solving hat, and get to work!

We hope this blog post answered your query about how to use dog dematting tool. Use these grooming tools, and let us know what you think. We would love to hear from happy pet parents whose life just became easier.

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