How To Play With Your Cat?

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Do you have a cat you want to play with but are completely clueless about how to go about it? Cats are pretty independent beings, and playing with them can be challenging. But fret not.

Today, we'll talk about all the ways you can play with your cat and recommend the best cat toys available in the market. So stick around while we walk you through the dos and don'ts of cat-playing sessions.

Which Cat Toys Are Best For Cats?

Everyone wants to have interactive cats, and for that, you need the right toys. Let's look at some of the best cat toys available in the market that cat owners endorse.

  1. Balls

    The most common type is the good old ball, but there is much innovation and variety in balls for cats available on the market.

    Here is a list of balls you can use:

    • Soft ping pong balls

    • Cat Ball Toy Jingle Ball

    • Plush ones with or without catnip

    • Feathered ones

    • Fur-covered ones (real or faux)

    • Pompom-style ones soaked in catnip

    • Different fabric-wrapped ones

    • Miniature tennis ball versions

    • Rattling ones

    • Automated electronic ones with movement

    • Balls that mimic prey sounds

    The list you can choose from is almost endless, offering various movements and attractions. So you can choose one that best suits your cat's personality.

  2. Prey Toys

    Hunting toys fulfill your cat's instinct to hunt, providing mental and physical stimulation. These toys come in a range of options, including different sizes and materials like cloth, felt, and real fur. Prey toys come in the shape of a Naughty Mouse or a small bird.

    Such toys are often preferred by cats due to the authentic scent of "real" prey and faux fur.

    The toys may have tails of varying lengths, widths, and materials such as string, sisal, or feathers, offering a variety of choices.

    Additionally, they can feature either hard plastic bodies or soft plush ones, and some even have prey sounds or can move across the floor.

  3. Interactive toys

    Interactive toys are like usual plastic toys or other materials that are great for their mental and physical stimulation. These toys are not just for fun – they help your cat stay entertained and also foster the bond between the cat and its owner.

    When your cat plays with these toys, it's like giving them a workout for their body and mind. It's a way to make sure your cat is happy and healthy.

    So, these interactive toys are not just for play; they are epic stimulation, bonding, and interactivity play tools.

  4. Laser toys

    Options in this category are somewhat limited, mainly revolving around laser pointers, Feather Teaser Wand, or automated versions that randomly move the light.

    However, it's advisable to stick with the handheld laser pointers to avoid accidentally shining the laser in your cat's eyes.

  5. Climbing cat toy

    Most cats love climbing, and scratching posts or cat trees with multiple tiers is an amazing choice.

    The design of the scratching post not only satisfies their climbing instincts but also offers a feeling of security with hiding spots and elevated shelves to observe their surroundings.

    To add excitement to their climbing adventures, consider hiding treats on different tiers of their climbing toys and watch as they enthusiastically search for rewards.

  6. Plush toys

    Soft cat toys, like plush or stuffed toys, give comfort and company to cats. These toys are great for playing alone or with you. They help cats move around and think.

    The soft and cuddly feel of these toys is nice for cats. It makes them happy and safe. Whether your cat plays with these toys alone or with you, they add to a happy cat life.

  7. Catnip toys

    Catnip toys are like cat toys that smell really interesting to cats. When cats play with these toys, they get super happy and playful.

    The smell of catnip makes them do funny and enjoyable things, like rolling around and pouncing. It's like a special treat that makes playtime extra fun for your cat.

  8. Chew toys

    Cat chew toys are made to meet your cat's natural need to chew. Providing a safe outlet for chewing, these specially designed toys contribute to your cat's overall well-being and discourage destructive chewing behaviors.

    It's a way to keep your cat's teeth healthy and keep them from chewing on things they shouldn't.

  9. Trash

    Yes, even items you might consider trash can be entertaining for your cat. Paper grocery bags, shipping boxes, cardboard boxes, egg boxes, or even crumpled paper are all simple options to provide as play items.

    Another idea is to take off the safety ring from a milk or water jug and toss it on the floor; cats enjoy playing with it. Plastic caps from bottles can also serve as enjoyable toys; just make sure they are clean and free from any harmful substances, and never use caps made from toxic products.

How To Play With A Cat?

There are different ways you can play cat games with your feline friend. We have listed a few of the ways you can do so below:

  1. Toys

    Invest in a bunch of sturdy cat toys, such as a fishing rod toy, and spend around 15 minutes, twice a day, playing with your cat. This gives them both physical activity and mental stimulation, preventing boredom and, in some cases, obesity as well.

    Experiment with different toys we talked about and allow your cat to observe, strategize, chase, and 'catch' the toy. A helpful tip is to keep rotating the cat toys regularly to keep things exciting for your feline friend.

  2. Hide and seek

    You can enjoy the game of hide and seek in two ways - calling out and searching for your cat and getting excited when you find them, or hiding and allowing your cat to find you.

    If you're hiding and want your cat to find you, ensure your cat is in on the game. Use a string toy to lure them into chasing you, then hide and see if they can find you.

  3. Tag, you are it!

    Make your cat chase you, and when they catch you, run after them. Give them a gentle tap and a rub as a friendly tag. It's a simple and fun way to play with your cat.

  4. Fetch

    Just like dogs, some cats like to chase things you throw. They might pounce on it, bat it back, or even pick it up and bring it toward you. You can try using bouncy items or simple things like crumpled paper or a hair tie for an easy game of fetch.

  5. Brush your cat

    Many cats like getting brushed, and it's a nice way to spend time close to your kitty. Brushing removes dirt and loose fur from their coat, making their skin better by getting rid of flakes and improving blood flow.

  6. Watch Cat TV

    Turn on a TV channel featuring aquariums or birds, or set up a bird feeder outside a window to keep your cat entertained. Enjoy watching the show with your cat.

  7. Cat Treats Puzzle

    Hide treats inside a closed box, cutting holes large enough for your cat to reach their paws in. This will make your cat figure out how to get the treats.

    You can also transform a toilet paper roll into a treat dispenser by folding the ends and making a hole in the middle. Your cat will learn to bat the treat holder around until the treat or the cat food you hid there comes out of the hole.

  8. Bubble it up

    Dip a bubble wand into store-bought bubbles or make your own with watered-down dish soap to create either a single bubble or a bunch of them.

    Your cat will enjoy watching you blow bubbles and might try to catch them as they fall or even while they're still in the air.

What Should I Avoid When Playing With My Cat?

During the cat play sessions, there are a few things you should avoid that we have outlined below:

  • Avoid using your hands, fingers, or other body parts to play with your cat. Teasing with hands or feet might encourage biting or scratching for your kitty.
  • Regularly change your cat's toys to keep your cat interested.
  • Encourage jumping, but never scare your cat to make them jump.
  • Tap into natural instincts, but avoid playing too rough. Rough play can lead to aggressive behavior and distress for your cat.
  • Cats get bored; set aside playtime to prevent inactivity. Adult cats need at least one hour of playtime daily; kittens may need more.
  • Avoid using dirty toys. You should know how to clean cat toys.

What Can I Do To Encourage My Cat To Play?

Certain cats are naturally more playful than others. Older cats may naturally become less energetic, and some may lose interest in playing altogether. If your cat seems uninterested in toys, it's possible they have specific preferences or they just need some extra encouragement.

To encourage your cat to play, try the following -

  1. Use toys that resemble real prey in appearance.

  2. Utilize wand toys that can be moved in quickly. A wand toy has short bursts to mimic prey movements.
  3. Change toys regularly and introduce new objects to keep things interesting.

  4. Allow your cat to chase and "kill" the toys during play.

  5. Occasionally, throw treats for your cat to chase and eat.

  6. Experiment with toys containing catnip.

  7. Try playing with your cat in the garden when their senses are stimulated, the same as out there in the wild.

Final Words!

Playing with your cat is important for a happy parent-cat relationship. Choosing the right toys, being gentle, and keeping things interesting during playtime can make your cat healthier and strengthen the connection between you two.

So, enjoy the fun moments of play, pay attention to your cat's reactions, and make your time together joyful and special.

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