How To Get A Cat's Attention?

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Are you always fighting for your cat's attention? Does your cat act like an estranged friend who doesn't care about talking to you at all?

Well, you're not alone. There are a lot more cat owners who are constantly fighting for their cat's attention.

Today at Rexipets, we'll talk about different ways you can get your cat's attention. You can try the different ways we discuss in this blog and stick with the one that works best for you.


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So, without further ado, let's get right into it!

12 Ways to Get a Cat’s Attention

Cats prefer being left alone as they are independent beings, but here in this blog, we have compiled 12 effective ways for you to capture your cat's attention.

  1. Be patient

    Being an avid animal lover, when you bring a cat home, you might want to give all your attention and affection to it and receive lots of it in return. But it's better to be patient and give the indoor cat time to get used to things.

    This helps you learn about the cat while it gets comfortable in its surroundings and gets used to you and the space. Soon enough, the cat will start coming to you on its own, which is what you want for a good relationship. They'll come to you on their own and not be forced to interact with you.

  2. Stay positive

    Your kitty can sense your mood very well. If you're dealing with stress, anxiety, or sadness, believe it or not, your feline friend can very much sense it through your body language. When you're feeling down, you might want to interact with your cat to cheer yourself up, but it's not very good for your relationship with kitty.

    Instead, try to engage with your cat when you're in a good mood, as this will impact the cat's behavior. This way, your cat won't pick up on negative vibes, and it'll be a more positive experience for both of you.

  3. Use toys

    Many cats enjoy playing and being stimulated with cat toys. Using a feather crinkle ball or a Feather Teaser Wand that mimics any prey is a fun way to play with your cat and get their attention. Rexipets wand toys are a cat owner's favorite, but there is a huge range of fun toys for you to choose from according to what your cat prefers to play with.

    However, if your cat isn't interested at the moment, give them space. They'll likely come around and be more playful later when they're ready.

  4. Brush your cat

    Most cats enjoy being groomed with a brush, as it reminds them of when their mothers groomed them as kittens. If you have a feline friend that likes grooming, try using a brush for cats to get its attention. Make sure the brush you use to groom your cat is not too harsh and that your cat is comfortable with it.

    Rexipets has a wide range of pet brushes you can try for your feline friend. So go to our website and make sure to check them out so you can host a grooming session that your cat enjoys!

  5. Pet your cat

    If you want your cat's attention or just want to spend time together, try petting them. You know your cat's preferences, so focus on areas they enjoy being petted, like behind the ears or on top of the head, and avoid sensitive areas like their paws or their tail.

    This gentle gesture might make your cat join you for some quality cuddle time. But even if they don't, you'll still enjoy a few moments with your furry friend, and it is important to give them space and freedom.

  6. Extend your hand

    Another way to get your cat's attention is simply by extending your hand towards them. Cats often associate visual cues like an outstretched hand with petting or playing. If your cat comes over and starts nibbling on your hand, they might be in the mood to play.

    On the other hand, if they rub their head against your hand, they want a petting session.

  7. Treats

    When you want your cat's attention, and they're not reciprocating, offer them a treat. After giving them treats, you can pet them or initiate a playing session to get their full attention.

  8. Call your cat

    Not every cat responds the same way to the cat owner's voice. Some cats may ignore you, while others will come running.

    If you want to get your cat's attention, try calling out to them. If they respond or come to you, make sure to do something to keep them engaged. Otherwise, they may not react the next time you call them.

  9. Talk to your cat

    If your cat responds well to your voice, talking to them can be a great way to get their attention. Instead of petting or other actions, try speaking to your cat when you want to engage with them.

    They may respond with a familiar meow and come closer to hear you, allowing you to enjoy and spend some quality time together.

  10. Use sounds

    Certain sounds can quickly grab a cat's attention. For example, the "pspsps" sound, kissy noises, or even the sound of their treat container or bag can instantly capture your cat's interest when they're ignoring you. But do remember not all cats respond the same way.

  11. Assign a word to feeding time

    If you consistently use a specific word or phrase during feeding time, your cat will associate it with food. For example, if you say "nom nom" when filling your cat's bowl with cat food, using that phrase when you want your cat's attention should get them to come to you.

    However, it's important to use these words only around feeding time to avoid upsetting your cat.

  12. Use catnip

    Many cats are drawn to catnip, a harmless herb that can grab their attention when they're not responding to you that cats love. Catnip often encourages play and positive feelings in cats. You can also use catnip tea for cats.

    Engaging in play is essential for keeping your cat mentally and physically active, and providing them with a great toy can make playtime even more enjoyable.

Final Words

To get a cat's attention, you need lots of patience, understanding, some training, and the right approach. Cats are independent and unique animals with individual preferences and personalities.

So respect their space, use positive reinforcement like treats or their favorite sounds, engage in interactive play, and create associations with positive experiences like feeding time that your cat likes; only then can you effectively capture your cat's attention and make your bond with them stronger. With these easy hacks, you can really gear up to be the favorite pet parent for your kitty.

However, remember to be mindful of your cat's personality and preferences while trying to effectively capture your cat's attention so that you can have a good relationship with your feline friend. Because, at the end of the day, a happy cat is the key to a happy home.


What if my cat still doesn't respond despite trying all these methods?

If your cat consistently ignores your attempts to get their attention, it's essential to consult a veterinarian or a professionally trained cat behaviorist to deal with any underlying health or behavioral concerns.

How often should I use catnip to keep my cat interested?

It's best to use catnip-infused toys or sprinkle catnip occasionally to maintain your cat's interest and prevent overstimulation and desensitization.

What type of toys are safe for my cat?

It is important to choose toys that are made from non-toxic materials and sturdy enough to withstand your cat's aggressive play sessions. Avoid toys made out of small parts that can be swallowed or be a choking hazard. Moreover, steer clear of toys with sharp edges or loose strings, which can also be a choking hazard or be a cause of bad cat behavior.

Are there DIY toys I can make for my cat?

You can make DIY toys for your cat using simple materials like cardboard boxes, paper bags, feathers, string, and empty toilet paper rolls. These homemade cat toys really can be engaging and cost-effective for your cat's playtime.

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