How To Cut Pitbull Nails?

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Looking for signs that indicate that your pitbull needs a nail trim?

When you see your furry friend tip-toeing with its paws slightly raised above the nails, it's time for a trim.

The clicking sound on tiled or hard surfaces indicates that your dog's nails must be trimmed. In addition to good hygiene and grooming, those daggers must be trimmed to ensure your dog walks and runs comfortably.

Most dogs despise nail trimming and get anxious easily. Worry not; this is a step-by-step guide on how to cut pit bull nails. 

How to Cut Pitbull Nails in 7 Easy Steps

Your pitbull needs to get its nails trimmed regularly for several reasons. Long nails put pressure on the nail bed, foot, and leg structure, which causes pain, improper posture, and an odd walking style. In extreme cases, nails may get caught on carpeting and cause serious injuries.

Follow these 7 super easy steps to groom your pup quickly.

  1. Equipment & Supplies

    Pitbulls are aggressive dogs, so ensure you align everything you need for the session beforehand and that everything is within your reach. You may require the following supplies:

    • Dog scissor clippers/dog nail grinder/guillotine clipper
    • Flashlight (for a better view of dark nails)
    • Dog treats
    • Styptic powder

    If your pitbull's nails are thick, use scissor clippers. If you want to trim the nails, guillotine clippers are recommended. If this is your first time cutting your dog's nails, choose a product with a quick sensor, such as the nail grinder.

    A nail grinder works best when you have an anxious pet because it's safe when the quick movements are difficult to focus on. Grinders minimize the risk of injuring or nipping your dog because they are precise and have better control. You can slowly and gently file the nails and calm your pup down with a comfortable experience.

  2. Sense of Security

    Your dog must have positive associations with trimming so that you can calm it before beginning the procedure. Extra cuddles and treats should suffice to calm the nerves. If this is your dog's first mani-pedi session, let it sniff the clippers in exchange for treats. Once done, then you can get the nails clipped.

    Introduce the nail grinder by turning it on and chopping some pasta with the clippers to normalize the sound. Again, reward your pup with a treat or round of praise at the sight of settling in well.

    If your dog still needs to get more comfortable with the idea, repeat the steps another day. Ensure you keep touching and holding the dog's feet to familiarize them with the process.

  3. Identify the Quick

    Position your pitbull sitting facing you, posing to clip the front dog's nails. Make them stand as you move towards the hind claws. Grab one foot and use your forefinger and thumb to isolate one nail to trim safely.

    Ensure you identify the quick before trimming the nail. The quick is the live part that would bleed if nipped. It is easier to spot in dogs with light-colored nails, with a pink quick that can be seen without a flashlight.

    On the contrary, if your dog has darker nails, you can check them quickly by shining a flashlight through the claw. While at it, you can examine the underside of the nails so you do not clip past the hollow section. It is best to clip the thinner end of the nail.

  4. One Toe at a Time

    Hold your nail clippers at a 45-degree angle and clip just one nail at a time. Use a calming voice and reassuring words to make the experience less stressful. Put a gentle but firm clipping motion on the dog's nail to cut the grown nail.

    Nail clipping can be time-consuming, so reward your pup with praise and a treat to ensure it has a positive association with the nail-trimming sessions. Start trimming just one nail daily until your pet gets comfortable with the sessions and eventually gets all four paws trimmed in one sitting.

  5. Finishing Touches

    Whether you opt for nail trimmers or a nail grinder to trim the dogs' nails, both are equally safe. Clipping nails using a nail clipper is less noisy and cheap, whereas grinders are loud and expensive.

    A nail grinder is easy to use because you only need one tool. However, using a guillotine clipper or scissors, you may need to add finishing touches to smooth the edges.

    Using a pet nail file is convenient if the grinder's noise makes your pitbull uncomfortable. Irrespective of your choice of tool, you should always check to see if you are getting close to the quick.

  6. Don’t Panic in Case of an Accident

    Stay calm if you accidentally nip your dog's nails quickly. It's already a traumatizing experience for your pup; your panicking would not help. Accidents can happen to anyone; even a professional groomer can make such a mistake.

    Styptic powder works wonders to ease the dog's pain quickly, so sprinkle some and apply pressure in case of an accident. This would quickly stop the bleeding; you can wipe the dog's fur with cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide to remove any blood stains.

  7. Small Cuts for Longer Nails

    You need to cut your pitbull's nails every month. If the nails overgrow, it is advised not to cut them short in one sitting. Generally, longer nails have a longer quick, which you can easily nip if you chop big chunks, so take it slow and make small cuts while grooming your dog.


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3 Best Nail Grinding Tools

Now that you know how to cut pitbull's nails, it's time to pick a tool that will make the process easier.

  1. RexiPet's Dog Nail Grinder

    RexiPet's chordless electric dog nail clippers are super easy to use. They have an advanced diamond bit grinder with utmost precision and noise below 50 decibels.

    • Advanced Features - It is great for home and professional use and lets you file claws of all pet sizes. As an added convenience, the grinder has 3 size ports and 2 speeds.
    • Smart Design - This portable tool is light in weight and has a special LED light that shines below the grinder so that you can see your pet's claws and avoid overgrinding.
    • Accessories - The nail grinder has a USB charging cable that can be used to plug into any power bank, laptop, or USB adapter. Each charge gives you four happy hours of use.
  2. Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder

    The Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder is a simple and easy-to-use cordless tool. If your dog is comfortable with grinding and you use this grinder every three to four weeks, it is worth the price. The battery lasts around three hours.

    • Adjustable Speeds - Grinding dog nails should be done cautiously. This tool has adjustable speeds to suit your dog's nail size and temperament.
    • Minimal Noise - Dogs can easily be frightened by the noise of the tool used for nail trims; no one wants an anxious dog during nail trimming sessions. This tool has softer-sounding gears, is low-pitched, and does not irritate your furry friend.
    • Comfortable Grip - Grinding dog nails is time-consuming compared to cutting them with a clipper. This model is lightweight and easy to hold, energizing your hand.
  3. Casfuy 6-Speed Dog Nail Grinder

    This cordless dog nail grinder has a USB charging cable and a battery that lasts about 2 hours. The ergonomic, lightweight body is designed for better control and precision in trimming.

    • Enhanced Power - With 6 precisely controlled speeds ranging from 7000RPM to 12000RPM, the Casfuy dog nail grinder is one of the most powerful. Multiple speeds and ample power meet small, medium, and large pet grooming needs.
    • Dual LED Lights - Dual LED lights prevent clipping as the nail quick is easily visible, making grinding easy.
    • Super Low Noise & Vibration - Trimming nails should be a stress-free experience. This pet nail grinder's super low noise and vibration feature will not scare your pet and will help you trim like a pro.

Final Words

A dog usually requires its nails to be trimmed every four to six weeks. If you let them grow too long, they can lead to health problems. When you hear your dog's nails tapping on the floor, it's time for a trim.

Pitbulls can quickly become anxious about nail trimming sessions while you tend to their toes. Clipping is the fastest way to trim your dog's nails, but it requires a steady hand. Nail grinders, on the other hand, shorten nails in small cuts. They are time-consuming, but they're a safer process that requires little strength.

So, get the tool that suits you and your dog best.

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