Cat Toys For Exercise If Your Cat Is Lazy

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Do you have a lazy cat that just loves to lay around all day? Are you worried your feline friend isn't getting enough physical exercise to keep it fit? Well, you aren't the only person in this boat. Many cat owners are looking for ways to get their lazy cats moving.

Today, in this blog, we'll discuss the best cat toys for your lazy feline friend and how much exercise cats need to stay healthy.

So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

Do Indoor Cats Need Toys?

Indoor cats definitely need toys because they don't have the same opportunities to exercise and for mental stimulation as outdoor cats. Unlike outdoor cats who can climb trees and hunt, indoor cats rely on toys to keep them active and engaged, whether they're inside or outside.

To make sure your indoor cat stays healthy and mentally stimulated, it's recommended that you spend about 10 to 15 minutes playing with them multiple times throughout the day so they have a healthy outlet.

These short play sessions allow your cat to take breaks when it needs to rest while still getting enough exercise to benefit its well-being and keep its mind sharp.

What Toys Are Good For A Bored Cat?

How to Keep Your Cat from Being Bored can be challenging.

Keeping a cat entertained as a cat owner means having different toys for them to play with. You can try Cat Toys they can chase, like laser pointers or feather toys. Cats also like toys with catnip in them, which makes them playful. The point is to get them an interactive cat toy that makes them move around.

Balls they can bat around or puzzles that hide treats are great, too. Scratching posts are not just for scratching - they're also fun to climb on.

Moreover, tunnels and hiding spots are exciting for cats to explore, and toys that move independently can keep them interested. By giving your cat a variety of toys, you help them stay happy and active.

9 Best Cat Toys for Exercise

Let's look at some of the best interactive cat toys to get some physical exercise in your furry friend's routines:

  1. Cat wand toy

    Cat wand toys are really popular toys for cats. They move like birds or mice, which makes cats want to chase them. Cats love to jump and play around when you wiggle the wand, satisfying their natural hunting instincts.

    It's fun for them and keeps them moving, kind of like a workout. Playing with a cat wand is an amazing way for them to have fun and stay healthy at the same time.

    Rexipets has a huge range of wand toys that you can order online. However, a popular choice among cat owners is the Cat Teaser Wand Bird Teaser.

  2. Puzzle feeders

    Puzzle toys are great for keeping your feline friend's brain busy as they work out how to get the food or toy from the puzzle. They give your cat mental stimulation and encourage them to move around as they try to solve it.

    There are many different puzzle toys for cats available in the pet store, so you can easily find one your cat enjoys playing with.

  3. Catnip toys

    Catnip toys are super exciting for cats! They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you can buy them at pet stores or online. These toys usually have a special compartment where you can put catnip, a natural ingredient that cats go crazy for.

    When your cat plays with the toy, the catnip scent gets released, making it even more fun for them. It's like they're on a little hunting adventure! So, when your cat feels bored or lazy, a catnip toy can liven things up and get them moving around.

  4. Ball

    Many cats enjoy playing with balls, as they love chasing and batting them around. These toys are particularly helpful for moving less active cats, as they often can't resist the urge to chase them across the room. Cat ball toys come in various forms.

    Some balls have little bells attached for added excitement. These toys provide a simple yet effective way to engage cats in playful activities and encourage them to exercise. Rexipets has a huge range of ball toys for cats, including rubber balls, soft feather balls, and rope balls.

  5. Laser pointer

    Laser pointers are fun for cats. They work by shining a small, moving light that cats love to chase. You just press a button, and the light starts moving. When you move it around the room, your cat will likely start running and jumping to catch it. It's like a game of chase for them.

    Laser toys are great because they make your cat move around and play, which helps them burn off energy and stay healthy.

  6. Crinkle toys

    Crinkly toys, like those shiny mylar crinkle balls, are really great for cats. They encourage playing and let your kitten, adult cat, or older cat chase and pounce, just like they would with real prey.

    But it is important to remember to keep an eye on your cat while it plays with these toys. If it chews on the crinkly parts, it could become sick.

  7. Scratching post

    A cat scratching post or cat tree is a good way to help your cat keep its claws healthy, release stress, and mark its territory. Going up and down the scratching post is also a good exercise for lazy cats.

    There are many scratchers made from different materials, such as carpet, cardboard, and sisal rope. It might take some testing to find the one your cat likes best.

  8. Cat tunnels

    A cat tunnel is great for encouraging your cat to hide, run, jump, and have fun playing. You can get one tunnel or connect several for extra excitement.

    If you want to make your own, you can use a cardboard box. Cut holes so your cat can go in and out, making it like a hide-and-seek game. Put a toy inside, like a mouse or a motion cat toy, to make it even more enjoyable for your cat.

  9. Wiggle toys

    You can also awaken your cat's hunting instincts with a wiggle toy. For example, a wiggling worm toy can wiggle and shake when your cat tugs on its tail. This toy will grab your cat's interest and give your feline friend plenty of opportunities to move around and play.

How Much Exercise Do Cats Need To Stay Healthy?

Cats like to run, jump, and play in short bursts. Some cats are already active and love to go outside, so they get enough physical exercise. But if your cat is lazy, stays inside, or is a bit chubbier, you might want to help them exercise more.

Start with two short play sessions each day, about 15 to 20 minutes each. You can make them longer as your cat gets more energetic and interested. But always let your cat take breaks between play times. And never force them to do anything they don't want to do.

Final Words

Finding the right toys for a lazy indoor cat can significantly affect their activity levels and overall well-being. By incorporating interactive toys, catnip-filled toys, feather toys, ball toys, scratching posts, tunnels, rotating toys, and even DIY options into their playtime routine, cat owners can encourage their feline companions to stay mentally stimulated while being physically active.

With patience and experimentation, discovering which toys best capture a cat's interest can lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle for both cats and their owners. So, whether it's a laser pointer for a playful chase or a simple homemade toy, investing in various engaging toys is key to keeping lazy cats moving.


Are there any DIY toy options for lazy cats?

Yes, you can make plenty of simple DIY toys at home, such as crumpled paper balls, cardboard boxes, or paper bags. These homemade toys can be just as entertaining for your lazy cats as store-bought options.

How can I encourage a positive play environment for my lazy cat?

Set up different play areas around your home with a variety of toys to encourage play. You can also keep rotating toys regularly to keep the environment fresh and exciting for your cat.

Are there any precautions I should take when introducing new toys to my lazy cat?

Supervising your cat when introducing new toys is important, especially if the toys contain small parts that could be swallowed or, worse, pose a choking hazard.

How many toys do I need for my cat?

Having lots of toys around for your cat can be too much. It might confuse or tire them out. It's better to have about five different toys for your cat. These will give your cat exercise. This gives them enough options without overwhelming them. You can switch the toys around every so often to keep things interesting without needing to buy new ones all the time. This way, your cat stays happy and entertained during playtime.

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