Best Toys for Anxious Dogs in 2024

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Have you ever noticed your furry friend feeling more anxious than usual? Dogs, just like humans, can experience stress and anxiety, and finding the right ways to soothe them is crucial for their well-being.

This article explores a list of the top seven dog toys specifically designed to help dogs with anxiety.

From interactive puzzles to comforting plushies, these toys not only provide entertainment but also offer a complete sense of security for your anxious canine companion.

Let's dive into the world of canine care and discover the best calming Dog Toys that can help you, as dog parents, make a significant difference in the life of your anxious dog and bring them happiness and peace of mind.

7 Best Toys for Anxious Dogs

Let's look at some of the best toy options available for anxious dogs:

  1. Rexipet's Dog Chew Toy Play Dumbbell

    If your dog has high anxiety levels, this Dog Chew Toy Play Dumbbell is a fantastic solution. It provides an engaging and fun activity that can simply help ease their nerves.

    It's made with solid and safe materials, perfect for dogs of any size or breed. Whether your dog loves fetching, chewing, or carrying toys, this dumbbell is a great choice. Its bright colors and fun design will keep your dog entertained for hours.

    But there's more – our dumbbell is also good for your dog's teeth. Chewing on it helps keep their teeth and gums healthy by preventing tartar and plaque.

    Your furry friend can be rough on Dog Chew Toys, so our dumbbell is built to last, ensuring long-lasting playtime.

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  3. SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy

    A stuffed animal toy with a simulated heartbeat, like the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy, helps pets feel cozy, especially if they're nervous. These stuffed animals are like a warm hug, making dogs think of their brothers and sisters. These calming dog toys are perfect for dealing with your furry friend's anxiety.

    The Snuggle Puppy has a heating pad and a battery-powered heartbeat that you can attach inside. It's suitable for puppies and older dogs, too. But if your dog likes to chew a lot, there might be better choices than these toys. Chewing too much can be risky if they swallow the insides or the electronic parts.

    The Snuggle Puppy has batteries included, a machine-washable outer part, and different colors to choose from. But it's a bit expensive, and it might not last if your dog loves to chew. So, be careful and watch your dog while they play with it to keep them safe and happy.

  4. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Plush Puzzle Toy

    Puzzle toys are great for keeping your older dog's brain active and preventing them from getting bored. These toys can help stop things like chewing on the wrong stuff or digging around. For older dogs, choosing softer puzzle toys that are gentle on their aging jaws is good.

    It's easy on their teeth and gives their brain a workout without being too tough. You can let your dog lick it as well. This toy is also nice because it's not just about food – it lets your dog sniff and search, calming them down and keeping them busy.

    Plus, after playtime, it turns into a comfy pillow for your older dog. Some things to think about are that you can buy extra squirrels separately. They come in different sizes, and they have squeakers for extra fun. Just be aware that some dogs might rip the soft material.

  5. PAW5 Wooly Mat

    Paw5 Wooly snuffle mat dog toy for separation anxiety

    To help furry friends who suffer from separation anxiety, it's important to provide a fun distraction. Snuffle mats are great for this – they're like puzzles that hide food in fabric layers or gaps. They keep anxious dogs busy and entertain bored ones.

    The PAW5 Wooly Mat may look like a shaggy rug, but it's an excellent calming dog toy for anxious dogs. It has felt strips where you can hide treats, making your dog use their sense of smell to find them.

    Sniffing around can actually calm your dog down, according to dog trainer Mindy Waite. One person found that putting treats deeper into the mat makes it more challenging for the dog, keeping them busy longer. The mat is a good size for bigger dogs, and you can wash it in the machine. It might get messy with crumbs around.

  6. Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat

    Lick mats are another kind of puzzle toy, and they're made of bumpy rubber. You can fill them with a tasty spread, like peanut butter or yogurt, and it keeps dogs busy licking and chewing. Such treat dispensing toys are ideal for play and food.

    It's suitable for anxious dogs, especially those anxious during meals or needing to calm down. The lick mat is a smart choice when dogs feel tense because it grabs their attention and keeps them busy.

    This Hyper Pet mat has a tricky pattern, making it more of a challenge for your dog. It's a calming toy mat and helps distract dogs in stressful situations like during thunderstorms. You can spread a yummy treat on it or freeze it, and your dog gets a tasty and long-lasting distraction.

    The mat is safe to eat and easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe, and you can even use it in the microwave. It's light and easy, so you can use it when traveling, like when taking your dog to the vet.

    Just remember, it doesn't stick to surfaces, so it might not be ideal for bath time. Moreover, these can add calories to your dog's diet, so be careful.

  7. The Kong Classic Dog Toy

    When you're crate training your dog, dogs can get anxious. It's a good idea to make it a positive experience. Treat-filled puzzle toys can distract dogs from getting used to their crate. One popular choice is the KONG Classic, which you can stuff with tasty treats or freeze with dog-friendly peanut butter to keep your dog busy and relaxed.

    It's a good option for dogs who like to chew a bit but might not last for heavy chewers – they have a stronger version. They even have versions for older dogs and puppies, covering all dogs. The KONG Classic is made of tough, safe rubber that you can wash in the dishwasher. It's also affordable. Just be aware that the treats you put in will add to your dog's calories.

  8. Nylabone Easy-Hold Power Chew Toy

    Dogs have a natural instinct to chew, using it to soothe themselves and pass the time when they're bored. Chewing can even reduce stress and make dogs feel happier. To satisfy this need, vets recommend toys like KONG Classic and Nylabones, especially the Power Chew variety. These toys have four paw grips for easy holding and are made of tough nylon, which is great for heavy chewers.

    But it's important to match the strength of the chew toy with your dog's size and chewing power. The Nylabone Monster Bone Power Chew might be a better fit for larger dogs. However, it might be too hard for your pup if you can't press your thumbnail into the toy. While no chew toy is 100% risk-free, choosing the right size and quality and keeping an eye on your dog can help minimize any potential dangers.

Final Words

So, in the end, picking the right toys for dogs with situational anxiety or anxiety in general is super important for making them happy. The list of the top 7 toys in 2024 has options that help calm stress, keep their minds busy, and make them feel cozy. Whether it's plush heartbeat toys, puzzles, lick mats, or chew toys, each one has a special role.

By adding these toys into your dog's daily routine, you're not just helping with anxiety but also creating a safe space for them in your house.

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