Best Low-Fat Dog Treats in 2024

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As a pet parent, we are usually concerned about the well-being of our furry friends. Pet parents are constantly looking for healthy and delicious treats for their pups.

If you're looking for low-fat treats for your dog that are natural, high quality, and packed with wholesome ingredients, this post is for you!

In this article, we’ll outline some interesting benefits of low-fat treats that can be a valuable addition to your dog's gut health and oral hygiene.

Are Low-Fat Dog Treats Healthy For Dogs?

 Most dog treats have a high fat content that provides their body with the desired support to carry out energetic activities throughout the day. Switching to a low-calorie diet is a good option, depending on the ingredients.

Identifying the difference between good- and poor-quality treats is a challenge as there is a minor difference in ingredients among both.

There are some low-calorie dog treats that have low fat content but contain unnatural ingredients such as high sugar ratio and artificial preservatives. Avoid using such treats because your furry friend might have a hard time digesting these treats.

Conversely, if these low-fat treats have a low fat content but are high in natural ingredients such as vegetables, whole fruits, and proteins, then this can be a healthy alternative for your dog treats.

5 Best Low Fat Dog Treats in 2024

Below are the 5 best low-fat dog treats of 2024:

  1. Yak Chews for Dogs

    Yaks Chews, also known as Himalayan dog chews, are a nutritious type of dog food. It is a combination of natural and healthy ingredients processed into chewable bites that dogs love.  

    As the name speaks for itself, these chewable dog treats originated in the Himalayan regions, where the native tribes used to feed their dogs cheese. These chewable bites are made from simple ingredients like milk of yak and cow with a dash of lemon juice. 

    These dog treats are then processed over one month in a quality-controlled environment into hard chewable bites that give your dog the energy to be active during the day. Since they are free from grain and gluten, they are light on the stomach.

    Furthermore, these delicious chew treats contain a high nutrition value with no salt or chemicals. They have a long shelf life that can last up to weeks in any environment.  Also, these chewy bites aid in massaging gums and cleaning your dog's teeth, leading to good oral hygiene.

  2. Wellness CORE Treats

    Wellness Core dog treats are packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins that aid in your dog's growth. These highly dense treats are grain-free and easy on the gut, with no additives and allergens such as corn, soy, and wheat. Also, they are high in protein as they contain real beef.

    These tasty treats come in three delicious flavors, including beef, a combination of chicken and lamb, and a mix of beef and venison. As expensive as these may sound, they are easy on the pocket. You can get approximately 89 treats in a bag.

    To make it light on the gut, each treat is 5 calories. The only drawback of these treats is that they are easily breakable and may be broken into pieces in a newly opened bag.  

  3. Pet Botanics Training Reward Mini Treats

    These dog treats come in handy during training. They are indeed a “training reward” as they are small and chewable bites that don't fill your dog’s stomach and slow them down during a training session.

    Packed with natural ingredients, these treats have 12% protein extracted from pork liver. Also, the treats are stuffed with antioxidants from fruits and herbs. It is free from common allergens like corn and soy.

    These low-calorie treats are affordable and available in multiple flavors like chicken, bacon, and salmon. Their small packaging holds 200 treats while up to 500 treats are in their large packaging.

    As they are composed of natural ingredients, they have a strong odor, which might be hard for you to tolerate.

  4. Fruitable Skinny Mini Dog Treats

    These oven-baked treats, which smell like a muffin right out of the oven, are a “Treat” for your dog. Dogs love these fruity treats made of blueberries, peas, and sweet potatoes. This low-calorie dog treat is easy on the stomach as it is low in protein but dense in natural nutrients.

    It is free from artificial flavors and common allergens like soy, wheat, and corn. They come in multiple flavors, including bison and apple. These treats are perfect if you want your dog to shed a few pounds.

    Dogs who prefer to eat treats with a meaty smell might not like these treats.

  5. Wellness: The Rewarding Life-Training Rewards

    These treats contain 6 calories per treat, which is a lot for this list, but these treats are easily breakable. You can bend them back and forth to split these treats in half, dividing their nutritional ratio by 2.

    Dogs love eating large-squared treats packed with nutritious ingredients such as Omega-3 fatty acids. The protein content present in these treats is extracted from salmon and lamb. Since they are grain-free, they are easy on the stomach.

    It comes in five different flavors: turkey and beef, venison and chicken, salmon and lamb, chicken and lamb, and a blend of turkey and duck. Dogs love to consume this flavorful, tasty treat.


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What to Look for When Buying Low-Fat Dog Treats?

As simple as it may sound, choosing the right dog treat for your dog is hard. You have to keep several things in mind while choosing healthy treats for your dog.

For instance, it should contain essential nutrients, should be made of natural ingredients, must not have an artificial color or artificial flavor, but should have a rich flavor that your dog can love to consume.

Common allergens such as soy, beef, chicken, dairy, wheat, and gluten should also be kept in mind when picking out dog treats. Food allergens present in dog treats can cause skin allergies and gastrointestinal disorders in dogs like golden retrievers.

Which Dogs Might Need Low-Fat Dog Treats?

Various gastrointestinal diseases can affect your dog, such as food sensitivities, bowel inflammation, parasitism, viral or bacterial infection, and much more. In any such case, giving low-fat treats will aid in the improvement of your dog’s health.

Dogs who suffer from pancreatitis may need low-calorie dog food. It Is a condition in which the pancreas is swollen, resulting in severe abdominal pain. The pancreas creates enzymes that aid in digestion. In such cases, low-calorie dog food that is light on the stomach comes to the rescue!  

Everyone may love a chubby little fellow, but canine obesity isn’t cute. If you are looking to shed a few pounds from your dog, switching to low-fat dog treats is the best way to go.

The Final Word

Whether you have a golden retriever or a bulldog, all dogs love to eat treats off their owner’s hand. As a pet parent,you must ensure that you are feeding the right food to your furry friend that meets the finest physical growth and development of bone and muscle.

Canine species like dogs require nutrition-dense dog treats to carry out their daily physical activities. Sometimes, low caloric food intake is required due to a gastrointestinal problem or canine obesity.

In both cases, low-fat dog treats are suitable for consumption as long as the daily nutritional quota of nutrients is met.   

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