Best Cat Nail Grinders Available Right Now

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Does your cat hate getting its nails clipped? Or do they often hurt you or themselves with their nails' sharp edges?

Well, worry no more because we have just the right tool for you - A cat nail grinder!

But wait a second; selecting one nail grinder out of all the options available can be quite challenging. So, today at Rexipets, we'll talk about the best cat nail grinder available on the market.

We'll talk about what to look for in cat nail grinders and why trimming your cat's nails is so important. Safe to say, you are in for quite the journey with us today, so sit back and brace yourself for it!

What to Look for in Cat Nail Grinder?

Choosing a cat nail grinder?

Think about what keeps your cat happy and safe. Let's look at what exactly cat owners should look for when selecting a cat nail grinder.

  1. Cordless Convenience

    Opting for a cordless grinder is recommended to eliminate the potential scares that hanging cords can cause most cats. It also reduces the risk of pets getting tangled up during the nail-grinding session.

  2. Power

    When picking a nail grinder for your pet, think about how strong it is. You want it to have enough power to spin against your pet's nails. It's more important for dogs to get a high-power grinder because their nails are tougher.

    But make sure not to get one that's too weak, or it will stop working on tough nails. Also, avoid getting one that's too strong, as it might be hard to control and could make your pet's nails heat up due to friction.

    So, find a balance in between.

  3. Adjustable Speeds for Precision

    Pet owners should consider a grinder with dual-speed settings. Novice users typically opt for the slower speed, especially for larger nails or when proximity to the quick is a concern.

  4. Level of noise

    Speed impacts the grinder's noise level. Cats may have preferences based on sound, making it crucial to choose a speed that keeps your feline friend at ease during the grooming process.

  5. Hands-On Testing

    Before buying, consider a hands-on trial to assess the grinder's feel in your hand and experience its noise levels at different speeds. This ensures a comfortable and efficient grooming experience for both you and your pet.

  6. Comfort

    Grinding your pet's nails can be time-consuming, and you'll be holding a device that might be quite heavy. It's important to choose a grinder that's easy to hold, is not too heavy on your hands, and has a reliable non-slip grip.

    Sweating is common during the process, so a non-slip grip is crucial to avoid accidents like dropping the device.

  7. Budget

    On average, many cat nail clippers fall within the $10-$15 price range, providing affordable choices that cater to both you and your cat's requirements.

    Electric grinders, however, generally tend to be pricier, while pet nail clippers and traditional nail clippers are more budget-friendly.

    It is important to research reviews and manuals before making the decision to get one, as it is a pricey investment, so you might as well make it a worthy one.

6 Best Cat Nail Grinders in 2023

Choosing the right grinder for your cat's nails is essential for a stress-free and safe grooming experience.

Let's explore the best options for your feline friend's comfort and well-being.

  1. Rexipet's Cat Nail Grinder

    You can ensure a safe and easy nail grooming experience for your pet with Rexipet's electric, cordless dog and cat nail grinder. It features an advanced diamond bit grinder for superior control and precision. These clippers operate at low noise levels below 50 decibels, providing gentle vibrations to avoid startling pets.

    As a U.S. company, they also offer a free-replacement policy that backs up their product's impeccable quality. Plus, it's a good alternative to the zen clipper if your cat doesn't like the sound of it.


    • The advanced diamond bit grinder ensures superior control and precision during your cat's nail grooming.
    • Operating at noise levels below 50 decibels, these clippers provide a calm experience for pets with gentle vibrations.
    • Rexipets offers a free replacement policy, emphasizing confidence in their product's quality.
    • It is suitable for both home and professional use and is designed for large, medium, or small pets, with two speeds and three-size ports
    • The clippers feature a smart design with an LED light for better visibility, preventing over-grinding or cutting.


    • Choosing the grinder head without testing it out can be a bit challenging for first-time owners.
  2. Dremel 7760 PawControl Pet Nail Grinding Kit

    Despite having extra attachments and different speed options, users found the Dremel PawControl Nail Grinder is easy to use and uncomplicated. Its rechargeable battery, lasting almost three hours, efficiently manages nail grooming in a single session.

    The twist-on guard, designed at a 45-degree angle, simplifies the trimming process by ensuring proper nail positioning for grinding. The transparent attachment enhances visibility, and the grinder's robust performance usually makes even the lowest speed good enough.

    Additional speed choices can be used to deal with tougher nails or larger dog breeds. Grooming is hassle-free—simply place the disc on the nail and let the grinder handle the job without adding pressure.


    • The grinder includes a guard to prevent over-grinding and ensure safe nail trimming.
    • Multiple speed settings offer flexibility for various nail types and sizes.
    • The rechargeable battery provides almost three hours of usage on a single charge, making it suitable for extended grooming sessions.
    • Multiple attachments are effortless to swap, enhancing user convenience.


    • The grinder does not come with a storage case, which may affect organization and portability.
    • Compared to other options, the Dremel PawControl Nail Grinder is pricier.
  3. Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

    While the Dremel PawControl remains our top pick for pet nail grinders, the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder is a more budget-friendly option. Priced at less than half the price of the PawControl, the Casfuy retains essential features for effective nail management. Although it has fewer speed settings and lacks the safety guard of the Dremel model, the Casfuy employs a rotary diamond bit for durability.

    Instead of interchangeable bands and discs, the Casfuy utilizes a safety guard cap with various ports. The smallest is ideal for most cat nails and small dog nails, while a half-moon port accommodates larger nails against the broader flat surface. Removing the cap exposes the entire rotary bit, which is suitable for larger nails and experienced groomers.

    With noise levels below 50 decibels—similar to a quiet conversation—the Casfuy is a relatively quiet operator. The rechargeable battery lasts up to two hours on a three-hour charge and is available in six colors for personalization.


    • Operates at 50 decibels, providing a quiet grooming experience for pets.
    • Offers three configurations to accommodate pets of any size.
    • Features two-speed settings for flexibility in nail grooming.
    • Available in six colors, allowing for personalization.


    • The charging cable does not come with a wall plug.
  4. Wahl Classic Nail Smoother

    The Wahl Classic Nail Smoother is a lightweight and user-friendly tool, weighing only nine ounces. Its size and quiet operation make it an excellent choice for beginners, especially with the included safety cap that guides nail trimming to prevent over-grinding.

    Priced at $10, it offers affordability for pet owners.

    However, the tool's small form factor restricts its effectiveness primarily to cats or small dog breeds like Yorkies and Shih Tzus. It's also suitable for other small animals, including rabbits, birds, and guinea pigs.

    The Wahl Classic Nail Smoother kit comes with a safety cap, five replacement sanding bands, and a backup sanding drum.


    • The grinder comes with a one-year limited warranty, providing assurance and support.
    • The kit includes two large sanding drums and five sanding bands, offering a complete solution for nail grooming.


    • Requires two 'C' batteries, which are not included in the package.
  5. Casifor Dog Nail Grinder

    The Casifor Pet Nail Grinder is a versatile and cost-effective option suitable for small, medium, or large dogs, cats, and other pets. Offering exceptional value, it provides ten hours of nail grinding on a full charge, accommodating breaks and multiple pets in a single grooming session. The step-less speed regulation switch allows customization, letting users choose the optimal speed for their pet.

    With noise levels kept under 40 decibels, the Casifor grinder operates quietly, and its low vibration ensures optimal comfort for pets during grooming. Equipped with 2 LED lights, it illuminates the pet's quick inside the nail, reducing the risk of cutting too short. The USB connectivity allows convenient recharging through an AC adapter, laptop, or other power sources.


    • The advanced diamond bit grinder ensures precise trimming and smoothing of the nail surface.
    • Operates at under 40 decibels during use, minimizing noise for a comfortable grooming experience.


    • The lower-power grinder may require more time to achieve the required results.
  6. FURminator Nail Grinder for Dogs and Cats

    The FURminator nail grinder offers a notable advantage over traditional clippers by providing a soft-rounded edge to your cat's nails and claws, preventing snags on furniture or clothing and your cat from hurting themself or you.

    With two adjustable speeds, it ensures quick and efficient grooming, making it ideal for dogs uncomfortable with paw handling. The automatic LED light enhances visibility during the process, reducing the likelihood of accidentally nicking your pup, which is particularly important for dogs with dark nails.

    Additionally, the grinder is crafted from antimicrobial plastic, ensuring added safety by keeping germs and bacteria at bay.


    • Provides a soft-rounded edge to the cat's nails, minimizing the risk of snags on furniture or clothing.
    • With two speeds, the grinder works quickly, allowing for efficient grooming sessions.
    • Illuminates your pup's nails during grooming, enhancing visibility for a safer process.
    • Crafted from antimicrobial plastic, it provides added safety by avoiding the growth of germs and bacteria.


    • These are recommended for dark nails and can be a bit harsh on lighter and thinner nails.

Why Do You Need to Trim Cat's Nails?

Trimming or clipping a cat's nails is essential for several reasons:

  1. Preventing Injury

    If a cat's nails are not trimmed, it can be a problem for both the cat and the people around. When the cat claws get too long, the cat might hurt you, themself, or other cats.

    So, trimming the cat's nails regularly is important to avoid these issues and keep everyone safe and comfortable.

  2. Minimizing Scratching

    When a cat's nails grow too long and aren't cut, they might get caught in stuff like clothes or carpets, hurting the cat's claws and tearing the materials. That's why it's crucial to regularly trim the cat's nails. It helps prevent these problems, making sure everyone stays safe and comfy.

  3. Health benefits

    When the length of a cat's nails grows too much, they can curl into the soft pads of its paws, making the cat uncomfortable, causing pain, and increasing the chance of infections.

    Regularly cutting the nails helps keep the cat's paws healthy and free from problems. It's like giving the cat a little pedicure to make sure its paws feel good.

  4. Avoiding infections

    Sometimes, when cats scratch themselves, they open up wounds, and when that happens, it creates little cuts where germs can get in and cause infections.

    Cutting their nails regularly helps reduce the chance of this happening, keeping the cat safer and healthier. It's like giving the cat a little safety measure to avoid problems.

  5. Avoiding Behavioural issues

    When cats have long nails that start to push up in their paws, they might start behaving badly, like being aggressive with people or other pets. Trimming their nails regularly helps make them feel better and behave nicely. It's like giving them a little care so they can be happy and friendly.

How to Introduce a Cat Nail Grinder?

Cats, especially those not used to nail grinders, may feel anxious about the loud, unfamiliar humming noise, heat, and odd smell. Grinding all your cat's nails in one go might not happen on the first day unless you have an exceptionally confident and calm cat.

Follow these steps to introduce the nail grinder:

  • Place the grinder on the floor and reward your cat with treats whenever they approach it. This helps create a positive association.
  • Move the grinder closer to your cat's feet once they show no concern. If there's no objection, offer treats to reinforce positive behavior.
  • Gently touch your cat's paws with the turned-off grinder, rewarding them with treats as they tolerate the touch.
  • Once your cat becomes more comfortable, gradually turn on the grinder for short durations. Offer treats to associate positive experiences with the humming noise.
  • Increase the grinder's usage duration, providing positive reinforcement through treats and verbal praise.
  • When using the grinder for trimming, initially focus on one or two nails at a time. This helps your cat acclimate to the process.

The entire process may take months, especially if your cat needs time to adjust to having its feet handled. However, the effort is worthwhile.

Eventually, you'll have a calm and tolerant cat that accepts nail trims without resistance or attempts to escape.

Final Words!

To sum up, picking the best cat nail grinder is about thinking of what will make your cat and you comfortable during nail trimming. The grinders we discussed have different features, like being quiet or having different speeds.

Each of the grinders we recommended in this post has its strengths and weaknesses, as tested by cat owners. However, one grinder truly shone through, and that was none other than the Rexipets Cat nail grinder. Among the several pet supplies we reviewed, it really stood out.

So, without delay, go to our website and purchase one for your feline friend. For natural remedies for keeping your cat's nail in shape, you can also use scratching posts.

It is important to remember that introducing the grinder slowly and rewarding your cat helps them get used to it. The goal is to help your cat not go to war with them over taking care of their nails.

So, take your time to choose the right grinder and make nail grooming a good experience for your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in a nail grinder instead of clippers for my cat?

Nail grinders offer the advantage over clippers by providing a soft-rounded edge to your cat's nails, reducing the risk of scratches on furniture or clothing. They also allow for a more controlled trimming process compared to clippers.

Can I use a nail grinder on a kitten?

You can use a nail grinder on a kitten, but it's crucial to gradually introduce them to the grinder. Use low speeds and be extra gentle during the process.

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