8 Best Antlers for Dogs in 2024

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Have you ever wondered what is something that can make your dog super happy?

Well, we've got the answer – antlers!

But with so many antlers out there, how do you know which one is just right for your furry friend?

Today, the Rexipets team is going to guide you through the best antlers that are tough, fun, and sure to make your dog's tail wag like crazy.

So, stick around as we break down the list of best antlers for dogs in 2024 so you can pick the perfect antler for your furry friend.

What Kind of Antlers is Best for Dogs?

When picking antlers for your dog, choose ones that are natural and not treated with any chemicals or flavors. It's best if they come from animals like deer or elk. Moose antler is also a good choice.

If you're wondering whether deer antlers are safe for dogs, then yes, they are.

Make sure they are naturally shed, as this is safer for your dog. Pick the right size for your dog – small for little dogs and large for big ones. The antlers should be hard enough for a good chew, but they should not have sharp edges. Sharp and hard antlers can hurt your dog's teeth.

Choose whole antlers over split ones, as split antlers may have softer parts that could be risky. Check that the antler won't break into sharp pieces. Always watch your dog when they're chewing on antlers, especially if they are trying it for the first time.

If the antler gets too small or your dog seems uncomfortable, get a new one. Also, ask your vet if antlers are okay for your dog. It's important to keep your furry friend safe and happy!


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8 Best Antlers for Dogs in 2024

Without any further ado, let's unveil the ultimate guide to the year's top antlers for dogs.

  1. Pupford Split Elk Antler Dog Chew

    Manufactured in the USA from naturally shed elk antlers, the Pupford Split Elk Antler Dog Chews are true stars when it comes to antler chews for dogs.

    These chews are perfect for heavy chewers, providing a long-lasting and safe chewing experience. Packed with minerals like calcium and glucosamine, they support your pup's bones, joints, and muscles.

    The split design makes it easy for your furry friend to access the delicious bone marrow while keeping teeth and gums clean.

    It is ideal for pups with sensitive teeth and stomachs. It's even good for dogs with allergies or limited-ingredient diets. These grain-free chews have no preservatives, fillers, or coloring.

    Treat your pup to a natural and yummy chew that keeps them happily occupied!

  2. Bones & Chews - Bully Wrapped Elk Antler Split

    Bones & Chews Bully Wrapped Split Elk Antler is a special treat for your lively dog.

    These top-quality antlers, wrapped in tasty bully sticks sourced from the USA, create an extra challenge that high-energy dogs just cannot get enough of. It's a great choice for a durable and delicious option that dogs will absolutely love and ask for more.

    These chews are not only mouthwateringly good but also completely natural, containing no artificial preservatives. They give essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and protein. The extensive chewing involved in enjoying these antler chews also helps keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy by removing plaque and tartar.

    Treat your furry friend to a satisfying and beneficial chew experience!

  3. Buck Bone Organics Premium Whole Deer Antlers Dog Chews

    The Buck Bone Organics’ Premium Whole Deer Antlers Dog Chews come in a pack of six long-lasting, whole deer antlers, each measuring about 4-6 inches.

    These dog antler chews are 100% natural and eco-friendly, without any processing, additives, or fillers. Your pup gets a healthy dose of essential vitamins and minerals like phosphorous, protein, calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin, supporting joint health and mobility.

    These top-grade-A antlers are odor-free, making them the perfect rawhide alternative. Every chew is carefully hand-collected and handcrafted in the USA, ensuring premium quality.

    You can give your dog a satisfying and guilt-free chewing experience with these eco-friendly and nutritious deer antler chews!

  4. Prairie Dog Whole Deer Antler Dog Chews

    These chews use Grade-A and Grade-B North American antlers, ensuring top-notch quality. Prairie Dog selects only the best antlers, retaining more natural moisture for a durable chew that won't splinter or crack.

    It's a 100% natural single-ingredient treat without fillers, by-products, artificial colors, or flavors, containing phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth.

    These sturdy antlers are either naturally shed or harvested in the USA, providing a strong and long-lasting chewing experience.

    They encourage healthy teeth and gums by reducing tartar and plaque buildup, and they also freshen breath.

    Plus, these natural chews are free of dyes and preservatives, making them safe for your pup and preventing stains on your furniture and carpet. Treat your pup to the taste of the ranch with Prairie Dog – a delicious and safe choice for dogs of all sizes!

  5. Bones & Chews Elk Antler Split with Liver Flavor Dog Chew

    These chews are made from top-grade antlers and coated in natural liver flavor, making them extra tasty. It's a long-lasting and satisfying chew that dogs will beg for.

    These chews are not just delicious but also 100% natural, with no artificial preservatives. They have essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and protein.

    The chewing action of these antler chews also helps keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy by scraping away plaque and tartar.

    Treat your furry friend to a mouthwatering and beneficial chew experience with these tempting and terrifically tasty elk antler chews.

  6. Top Dog Chews Large Antler Dog Treats

    Treat your furry friend to a natural delight with Top Dog Chews Large Antler Dog Chew! Each purchase includes one 6-9 inch antler, naturally from shed antlers, in the Rockies and gathered by shed hunters.

    These antlers are then cut and cleaned without any chemicals, ensuring a trustworthy treat for your pup. This grade-A chew is of premium quality, with no processing, additives, or preservatives.

    Not only does it offer your dog hours of tasty entertainment, but it's also naturally packed with minerals.

    The best part?

    It's mess-free and odor-free, making it easy on both you and your nose.

  7. Fantastic Dog Chews Elk Antler Dog Treat

    If your furry friend enjoys chewing, give the Fantastic Dog Chews Elk Antler Dog Treat a try!

    This natural elk antler, shed by the elk, is a perfect treat for your good boy. Each antler is hand-sorted to ensure it's a single-ingredient, wholesome delight.

    These antlers are designed to be durable and long-lasting, offering your pup hours of chewing fun. They're odor-free, stain-free, and come with trace minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Perfect for dogs weighing 30 pounds and over.

  8. KONG Wild Whole Elk Antler Dog Chews

    The KONG Wild Antlers are 100% sustainable, made from naturally shed whole wild deer and elk antlers only. These antlers are not only safe but also long-lasting, catering to the strongest chewers. They fulfill your dog's natural chewing instincts while also promoting dental health by cleaning teeth and freshening breath.

    These antlers are non-allergenic, odor-free, and packed with minerals. Available in different sizes

    • Large, about 60 lbs and up

    • Medium, 25-65 lbs

    • Small, up to 30 lbs

    • X-Small up to 15 lbs

    So, basically, there's a suitable option for every pup.

    Bring the wild home with KONG Wild elk Antlers for dogs, made from the highest quality grade-A elk antlers for a safe, enduring, and delicious chewing experience.

Final Words!

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the best antlers for dogs, prioritizing natural, untreated options sourced from animals like deer or elk is key. Opt for antlers that are naturally shed in the wild, ensuring ethical harvesting practices and minimizing the risk of splintering. You can even try moose antlers.

Consider your dog's size when choosing an appropriate antler size to match their needs. Consulting with your veterinarian is recommended to confirm that antlers are a suitable and safe chew option for your specific dog.

By making thoughtful choices, you can provide your furry friend with a natural, enjoyable, and safe chewing experience.


Do antlers break down in dogs' stomachs?

Yep, dogs can easily digest antlers. It's not a problem, even if your dog has a sensitive tummy. When they chew on antler bones, they only eat small bits that their stomachs can handle well.

How long can dogs chew on antlers?

An antler chew typically lasts for about six months to a year on average.

When should you throw away dog antlers?

If the antler breaks into pieces small enough that your dog might break easily, and try to swallow; it's a sign to get a new one.

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