7 Best Cat Brushes in 2023

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Are you looking for a fun, productive way to bond with your cat?

Grooming sessions can be a great opportunity to connect with your cat. A vital element when it comes to cat grooming sessions is having the right tools, specifically brushes for cats.

There are many cat brushes available in the market. While some are overhyped, other brushes are genuinely outstanding and live up to their hype.

Today at Rexipets, we'll discuss some star brush options available in the market and their pros and cons. We'll also discuss why it is important to use a cat brush and how you can choose the best one from the variety available.

So, put your feet up, relax, and let us take you on a journey of exploring the best cat brushes you can get for your feline bestie.

Why is it Important to Use a Cat Brush?

Brushing your cat is a good idea for a few reasons. Let's see some of the vital reasons why it is important to use a cat brush.

  1. Reducing hairballs

    First, it helps stop those yucky hairballs. If you've seen your cat cough up hairballs, you know it's not fun.

    Brushing helps get rid of extra fur and keeps your cat healthier. But if hairballs happen a lot, it's best to check with your vet.

  2. Cleaner home

    Brushing keeps your home cleaner. Cats shed their fur, especially when it's warm. Brushing helps control all that loose hair. You can easily throw away the collected hair, and there's less fur on your stuff.

  3. Reduces matted fur

    Regular brushing is important if your cat has long hair like Siberians. It stops their fur from getting all tangled up.

    Cats clean themselves, but sometimes their long hair gets stuck together. Brushing prevents this, so your cat stays comfy.

  4. Bonding time

    Brushing is also a good time to hang out with your cat. Cats might like doing their own thing, but they enjoy attention too. When you brush them, it's like showing love. This helps your cat feel secure and can reduce any problems caused by stress.

  5. Flea detection

    Brushing can help you detect these pesky pests early on. While brushing, keep an eye out for fleas. These tiny bugs can bother your cat.

    So, check for dark flecks or clumps in their fur, which could be flea signs. If you find any, dealing with them early is vital to keep your cat active, happy, and healthy.

  6. Aiding older cats

    If your cat is getting old, grooming becomes harder for them. Helping them out with brushing not only keeps them clean but also strengthens your connection. It makes your older cat's life easier and shows them you care.

  7. Coat health

    Cat brushes help distribute natural oils on your cat's fur, keeping it healthy and shiny. Even distribution of these natural oils promotes a well-maintained coat and overall feline well-being.

What to Look for in a Cat Brush?

Finding the best cat brush is important for keeping your furry friend happy and healthy.

Here's how to go about it:

  1. Cat's coat type

    The different types of cat brush varieties, such as slickers, soft-bristle brushes, rubberized massagers, combs, and rakes, cater to different coat types. Choosing based on your cat's fur and grooming goals is important for optimal results.

  2. Deshedding tools

    A good de-shedding tool for getting rid of loose cat hair is really important, especially if your cat has a lot of fur, whether it's short or long.

    Unlike a regular cat comb, a cat deshedding tool is special. It helps cut through and remove the excess hair and tiny skin flakes.

    Using this tool also makes your cat have fewer hairballs. That's because it removes extra fur they might eat when they clean themselves.

  3. Gentle brushing

    Any tool you use to groom your cat should be gentle. You can check this by running it across your arm or hand to make sure it doesn't hurt.

    Cheaper combs sometimes have sharp ends, so it's best to avoid them. Before using deshedding rakes or slicker brushes on your cat, try them on your skin first. These tools can be pointy, so it's essential to make sure they won't be uncomfortable for your cat.

  4. Handle Comfort

    Pay attention to the handle of the brush. It should be comfortable for you to hold. Grooming takes time, so having a brush with an ergonomic handle can make the process more enjoyable for both you and your cat.

  5. Cleaning Ease

    Consider how easy it is to clean the brush. Some brushes come with features that make it simple to remove collected fur, keeping the tool hygienic and ready for the next grooming session.

7 Best Cat Brushes in 2023

In 2023, cat owners have several options to keep their feline friends well groomed and comfortable. The best cat brushes not only help manage the shedding of your cat's hair but also contribute to a happy and healthy cat coat.

A good and effective cat brush ensures that owners and their beloved pets enjoy the grooming process while taking care of the grooming.

Let's look at a few options for cat brushes -

1) Rexipet's Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Rexipet's Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is made for cats prone to developing mats in their fur. Featuring curved and flexible wire bristles, it is gentle on the skin while effectively reaching beneath the topcoat to prevent mat formation. This brush is a versatile tool for both long- and short-haired cats.

The brush provides enough surface area for comfortable grooming. A standout feature is the self-cleaning button, allowing the bristles to go back and release collected hair with a simple click.

The sturdy handle, designed for comfort and a secure grip, minimizes slipping and strain on your wrist.


  • Self-cleaning retractable bristles.

  • Suitable for both long- and short-haired cats.

  • Sturdy and easy-to-grip handle.


  • It may be a little too big for smaller cats.

2) Rexipet's Double-Sided Cat Brush

The dual-function de-matting rake is a value-packed set used by professional grooming salons to maintain the health and beauty of your cat coats. The set includes a double-sided de-shedding and de-matting rake, providing unbeatable value.

Ensure your pet's coat is smooth, healthy, and shiny with the 9-teeth rake, effectively eliminating tangles, knots, and dirt. Switch to the 17-teeth rake to remove loose hair and thin out excess fur using slightly sharpened blades designed to glide through coats without scratching or irritating your pet's skin.

Our de-matting tool prioritizes safety and painless grooming for dogs and cats. Expertly designed to detangle your pet's coat without causing discomfort, it can be used on long- or medium-haired animals of any breed.


  • It is a dual-function brush.

  • Ensures painless grooming sessions.


  • It can be hard to clean.

3) Mars Coat King Boar Bristle Cat Brush

The Mars Boar Bristle Brush is a good cat brush that stands out for its soft and non-flimsy bristles, making it an excellent choice for weekly coat maintenance. The small natural wood handle offers gentle control, ensuring a comfortable grooming experience. While it may not be the most efficient at tackling large knots, it prevents tangles and keeps the coat smooth.

The brush is particularly beneficial for senior cats struggling with self-grooming, collecting dry skin flakes, dirt, and hair. Its durable design, featuring easy-to-clean natural boar bristles, makes it suitable for cats of all ages.

Its regular use, with gentle strokes once or twice a week, can reduce matted fur and cat hair around the home, keeping your cat healthy and your house clean.


  • The bristles are soft but not flimsy.

  • Easy to clean.

  • A small natural wood handle provides gentle control of the brush.

  • It is ideal for avoiding tangles and smoothing the coat.


  • It is not the most ideal brush for removing big knots.

4) FURminator Undercoat deShedding Tool for Cats

The FURminator Undercoat deShedding Tool is a helpful solution for households with cats whose fur is on every piece of clothing and furniture in the home.

It has a stainless steel comb with small teeth designed to move smoothly through the topcoat and into the undercoat, safely removing loose hair and cat dander.

Available in four options based on size and coat type, the FURminator is versatile for various cat breeds. Its ergonomically designed handle makes sure you have a comfortable grip, and the curved comb accommodates the natural shape of a cat's body.

The tool also includes a FURejector button for comb cleaning, a massive plus in maintaining the grooming brush.


  • Reduces shedding on furniture and clothing.

  • It offers four choices for different cat sizes and coat types.

  • Easy-to-hold handle.


  • The FURejector button may not completely remove hair and dander from the comb.

5) GoPets Dematting Comb

The GoPets Dematting Comb is an excellent choice if your cat is more likely to developing mats in their fur.

This dual-sided tool has curved teeth on both sides. It has precisely 23 on one and 12 on the other. And it is designed to gently and effectively work through tangles as well as knots without scratching your cat's sensitive skin.

The side with fewer teeth makes it a highly effective rake that works through mats of various shapes and sizes. On the other side, the higher number of teeth serves as an efficient comb, passing through the undercoat and removing loose hair and dander.

The non-slip handle ensures easy gripping, allowing you to reach challenging spots, such as underneath the front legs, where mats tend to develop.


  • Gentle yet effective on matted fur.

  • Easy-to-grip squishy handle.

  • Dual-sided tool for combing out loose hair and dander.


  • It produces a lot of static electricity while clearing the prongs, causing hair to stick.

6) HARTZ Groomer's Slicker Brush for Cats

Featuring a sturdy and non-slip handle, along with medium-firm metal bristles with soft rubberized tips, this cat brush is comfortable to hold and is highly effective at loosening and removing excess fur in small cats. It especially helps in detangling and getting rid of mats.

However, a drawback is its cleaning process, as it lacks a self-release button common in other slicker-style tools. Instead, you have to manually pull out the captured fur.

Nevertheless, considering its effectiveness and the budget-friendly price tag of under $10, this product is a great deal.


  • Comfortable and non-slip handle.

  • Soft rubberized tips effectively and painlessly help de-shed and detangle.

  • Budget-friendly option.


  • It's tricky to clean as you have to manually pull out all the hair.

7) Furbliss Brush for Cats

For short-haired cats, the Furbliss is an excellent grooming tool. The silicone design feels sturdy and easy to hold despite lacking a conventional brush handle. Its gentle and soft bristles make it a favorite for cats.

While not designed for detangling mats, it is ideal for collecting loose fur, preventing it from spreading around your home. Expect a smoother and shinier coat after grooming.

Moreover, cleaning this brush is hassle free; all you have to do is wash it with soap and water.


  • Easy to handle, resembling a sponge.

  • Cat-friendly with soft and gentle silicone.

  • Effectively gathers all loose fur.


  • Do not remove mats.

Best Cat Brush for Long Hair

Cats with long hair require extra cases and, thus, specially designed tools.

Let's look at the best cat brush available for long-haired cats.

Rexipets Cat Dematting Tool

Cat Dematting Tool

The Rexipets Cat Dematting Tool is an excellent choice for your long-haired cat. Its dual-sided design features metal teeth on one side, designed for tackling stubborn knots.

Sturdy and comfortable to handle, it makes it easy to maneuver. This brush is particularly efficient at gliding through un-matted cat hair and loosening excess fur. The brush does cause loose hair to stick to the comb, which makes cleaning a bit tricky.

However, with a little effort, you can effectively remove all the fur. Considering its overall performance, this tool offers an outstanding balance between effectiveness and affordability.


  • Dual-sided design for both combing hair and removing loose fur.

  • Comfortable and easy to maneuver in all areas.

  • Effective at loosening excess fur.


  • Hair clings to the static comb, making it hard to clean.

Final Words!

In conclusion, selecting the best cat brush involves considering your cat's specific coat type and your grooming goals.

Slickers, soft-bristle brushes, combs, and rakes each serve specific purposes, catering to different fur textures and lengths.

A deep understanding of your cat's grooming needs helps you to choose the most suitable tool. Thus, giving a comfortable and enjoyable grooming experience to both you and your pet.

If your cat has long hair prone to mats, a de-matting comb might be beneficial, while short-haired cats may benefit from a gentle, slicker brush. The variety of available brushes ensures that there's an option for every cat.

Regular grooming not only helps manage shedding but also fosters a stronger bond between you and your feline companion.

So, no more going to war with your cat during grooming sessions. Get a suitable brush for them and bid farewell to the shedding season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it okay to brush your cat daily?

Brushing a cat daily is generally fine as long as it's done gently and with suitable tools.

Daily brushing helps prevent hairballs and matting, and it also helps distribute natural oils through your cat's coat, promoting a healthy and shiny coat.

Moreover, it also helps keep the loose hairs at bay, keeping your furniture and clothes clean and free of cat hair.

How often should I brush my cat?

The frequency of cat brushing depends on your cat's breed and coat type. Long-haired cats may need more frequent brushing, like every day or every other day, while short-haired cats can be brushed a few times a week.

Can I use the same brush for different cats?

Sharing brushes among multiple cats in your household is okay, but cleaning the combs and brushes after using them on each cat is crucial. If one of your cats is dealing with a skin issue, passing around an uncleaned brush can easily spread the problem.

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