13 Dog Safe Flowers

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Are you simultaneously a plant and a dog mom/dad? Is your dog overly curious about the colorful little flowers in the yard? Or do you often find your dog chewing on the colorful flowers in your yard?

Well, we have had several dog parents facing this issue, so we have compiled a list of all the dog-safe flowers you can keep while owning a dog.

This article aims to shed light on the various dog-safe flower options available, helping pet lovers curate a yard that poses no harm to their furry friends. By understanding the toxicity of certain flowers, we can make informed choices when selecting flowers for our homes, gardens, or gifts.

Join us as we delve into a comprehensive guide to dog-safe flowers, offering insights into which blossoms to embrace and which to avoid. So let's get right to it.

13 Dog-Safe Annual Flowers

Here are all the pet-safe flowers that you can keep without worrying about your furry friends.

1) Roses

Roses are timeless in beauty and are adored by many. They are a safe and classic choice of flowers for dogs. Whether used in floral arrangements or culinary pursuits, pet owners can rest assured that these blooms pose no harm to their furry friends.

Additionally, the fruits produced by rose flowers, called rosehips, are safe and beneficial for dogs and humans. These are packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Roses symbolize harmony between our canine companions and the natural world, offering joy and beauty to all who encounter them.

2) Zinnias

Zinnias are another dog-friendly flower. They bring a unique burst of color to any garden and offer an edible treat for our flower-munching canines.

These vibrant blooms are commonly cultivated by gardeners from seeds and hold the distinction of being one of the first flowers ever grown in space! Yes, you read that right!

Their playful and diverse varieties make them a charming addition to any landscape. At the same time, their pet-safe nature ensures that our furry friends can roam freely amid their colorful splendor.

3) Snapdragons

If you're searching for a delightful addition to your yard, consider vibrant and lively snapdragons. This is yet another safe flower choice for dogs.

These charming blooms add a touch of beauty to homes and gardens. They also provide peace of mind as they are non-toxic to our beloved pets.

Growing snapdragons from seed is recommended to guarantee they remain free from harmful fertilizers and pesticides that could pose a risk to your furry companions.

Embrace the joy of cultivating these pet-friendly annuals and create a safe and enchanting environment for you and your canine friends.

4) African Violets

With their captivating array of colors, including shades of blue, pink, soft yellow, and purple, violets add a charming touch to any garden. These attractive flowers bring joy without posing a threat to curious dogs who may be tempted to nibble on their vivid petals.

However, it's essential to note that violets are commonly purchased as live plants rather than grown from seed.

As such, many flowers might be treated with fertilizers and agricultural chemicals, potentially making them less safe for dogs. Pet owners should be cautious and consider organic options to ensure a pet-friendly floral haven.

5) Orchids

Beautiful and sometimes tricky to grow, orchids have many different types that are usually safe for dogs. Orchids are bought as potted plants and need fertilizer to stay healthy.

However, be careful because some fertilizers can be harmful to dogs. Choose pet-safe fertilizers or natural ones to create a safe place where your lovely flowers and furry friends can coexist harmoniously.

6) Sunflowers

Sunflowers are iconic symbols of sunshine and joy. They are a delight for human admirers and entirely safe for our canine companions.

Sunflowers bring a vibrant touch to any garden with their bright and cheerful blooms. At the same time, their non-toxic nature ensures that curious dogs can freely explore and enjoy their presence without any harm.

They offer a safe and enchanting addition to our landscape, filling our hearts with happiness and providing our dogs with a pet-friendly haven.

7) Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) are indeed dog-safe plants, making them an excellent addition to a pet-friendly garden. These tall and majestic biennial or perennial flowers come in various colors and add a touch of charm to any landscape.

Hollyhocks are non-toxic to dogs, but their leave and stems have sharp fibers that may cause irritation to your dog's body. So, it is always ideal to be cautious about these flowers.

8) Petunias

These beautiful and colorful flowers have a fantastic scent, and it's okay if your dog takes a bite.

Make your yard smell delightful with the help of super fragrant petunias, blooming quickly in pots and gardens.

They are a safe and charming option for adding natural beauty to your outdoor space.

9) Honeysuckle Fuchsia

Honeysuckle Fuchsia is a dog-safe plant, making it an excellent addition to any dog-friendly garden. With its stunning and vibrant blooms, this perennial vine adds a touch of elegance and beauty to outdoor spaces.

Moreover, dogs can safely explore and enjoy honeysuckle without any serious harm done.

10) Pansies

Pansies come in many pretty colors and are easy to find year after year. The best part is that they are safe for dogs! These lovely flowers add beauty to gardens, and dogs can sniff and explore without any worries.

Knowing your furry friend can safely join in the fun, you can enjoy planting pansies. Pansies are a perfect choice for a cheerful and pet-safe garden with their vibrant colors and dog-friendly nature.

11) Hens and chicks

Source: https://www.allaboutgardening.com/

Hens and chicks, the adorable succulents, are safe for dogs and are low-maintenance plants that thrive with minimal watering. These hardy and resilient succulents feature a rosette-like shape, with baby "chicks" growing around the mother "hen."

Their drought-tolerant nature makes them ideal for busy pet owners, as they can flourish without frequent watering. Pet owners can enjoy the beauty of hens and chicks in their garden, knowing their furry companions can safely enjoy their presence without harm.

12) Jasmine

Jasmine is another dog-safe plant that can bring a touch of elegance and fragrance to your garden. With its beautiful white blooms and sweet scent, jasmine is famous in many gardens and landscapes.

Whether climbing on trellises or gracing the ground, jasmine adds a serene and pet-friendly atmosphere to outdoor spaces.

13) Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daises is yet another amazing choice for dog owners looking to enhance the beauty of their garden without worrying about their canine friends.

These daisies are available in a vibrant array of colors, giving a lively charm to your garden. These not only attract people but also provide reassurance to pet parents that their pets are safe.

Plants That Are Not Safe For Dogs

Now that we've mentioned all the dog-safe flowers, let's briefly discuss all the plants that are not safe for your furry friends.

Let's be real; no pet parent would want to worry when their curious pals put their noses and paws in plants just to entertain themselves. We all need our peace of mind and don't want to constantly worry about our canine pals.

So avoid having Sago Palms, Azaleas, Lillies, Oleander, Philodendrons, Dieffenbachia, Tulips, and Snake Plants. While these might add some beauty to your garden, they will surely harm your dogs.

It's always good to be cautious when adding plants in homes that are shared with furry friends. You might come across a toxic plant for your dog and cause gastrointestinal upset.

Final Words!

Having dog-friendly flowers in your gardens and outdoor spaces enhances the natural beauty of your surroundings. It creates a safe and joyful environment for our beloved furry friends.

From the vibrant and charming pansies to the fragrant jasmine, these flowers and plants bring many colors and scents that create a harmonious coexistence between nature and our furry friends. Even gerbera daisies are also an amazing choice.

But at the same time, avoid having extremely toxic plants like snake plants, lilies, or tulips in your garden because these are plants that are toxic for your furry friends.

If your dog ingests any of these plants, immediately take them to the vet. Some dogs may get an upset stomach. The vet will then treat your dog, making sure they are safe. Keeping your furry friends safe at all times is a huge part of being a pet parent. So make sure your dogs don't end up harming themselves in any way.

We can ensure your dogs can roam freely, explore, and indulge their curiosity without health concerns by choosing these nontoxic flowers. Do try some of the flowers that we mentioned and see the results for yourself.

Happy gardening with dog-friendly flowers.


What to do if my dog ingests toxic flowers?

Contact your veterinarian immediately if you think your dog has swallowed poisonous flowers. Early detection and prompt action can prevent any potential health issues and ensure your pet's safety.

Are there any specific precautions I should take while planting dog-safe flowers?

When planting dog-safe flowers, remove any poisonous plants from the area and use pet-safe fertilizers. Also, keep an eye on your dog while exploring the garden to prevent them from nibbling on potentially harmful garden plants.

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