Every pet owner understands the importance of proper, regular grooming. Dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes have various grooming needs based on factors like hair length and texture and rate of hair growth. However, many owners are not totally aware of their pet’s specific needs. Read on for 5 common mistakes made by pet owners and some effective, safe grooming solutions.

1. Not Acclimating the Pet to the Grooming Tool

Dogs and cats need a regular grooming routine. Their nails must be trimmed, and their coats must be brushed and detangled. Otherwise, health conditions, discomfort, and even injury can occur. However, introducing a new tool can make many pets very nervous and cause them to make sudden, erratic movements, which can lead to them hurting you or themselves.

The main reason pets do not like grooming is that new tools make them anxious. Do your research and invest in a quality grooming tools, such as the RexiPets dog and cat nail grinder. Once you have your trimmer tool, combs, and brushes, allow your pet to explore it a little. With supervision, allow them to sniff the tool and get used to it for a couple of hours or a day. Leave some treats near the tool to create a positive association. Introduce using it on them for short periods of time while giving them treats at first. Creating a positive experience surrounding interactions with the tool will help them to become comfortable with it.

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2. Failing to Prevent Mats

Dog and cat hair can easily become matted no matter how long it is. Therefore, it is important to always keep an eye out for mats and tangles. These can form quickly and lead to more serious health conditions, like skin irritation and even parasites. This is because mats restrict air flow in your pet’s hair and can trap moisture.

You will want to make sure you have the best pet dematting tools available, such as the RexiPets Pet Dematting Grooming Set, to keep your pet’s coat tangle-free at all times. A dematting rake and comb are essential for deshedding and dematting without pulling too hard on your pet’s coat. Once you have gotten your pet comfortable with the tools, use them regularly to remove loose hair and thin out excess fur.

3. Not Using a De-Shedding Tool

Many cats and dogs shed quite a bit. This can make it very difficult to keep your home clean, especially if your pet sheds a lot. Pets of all breeds shed, so it is important to keep a slicker brush on hand and go over your pet’s coat as often as possible. You might want to take your dog or cat out onto your deck or balcony or into the bathtub every other day to brush out their coats and remove excess hair buildup. You might be surprised by how much loose hair you can remove! All of this fur will otherwise end up in your carpet, on your furniture, in your laundry, and everywhere else you don’t want it to be.

Save your pet a stressful trim to the groomer with the Rexipets Dog & Cat Brush & Comb Pet Grooming Set. Using this double-sided pet brush and comb, keep your pet’s coat neat, smooth, and healthy at all times. These quality grooming tools work on all different breeds and hair types. Use the soft-bristled side of the brush to work through tangles and loosen excess hair from your pet’s coat. Use the large brush, equipped with round-edged pins, to distribute natural oils throughout their coat. Finally, use the pet grooming comb to address any tough tangles.

4. Not Using a Slicker Brush on Their Coat Every Day

No matter how long your pet’s coat is, they need to be brushed daily. Not only do many pets enjoy this, but it also keeps their coat healthy and clean. Brushing your pet helps to increase blood circulation throughout their body. It also distributes natural oils that keep their coat smooth and shiny.

Use the RexiPets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for easy grooming. The gentle bristles on this cat and dog brush are designed to work through tangles and massage the skin. Your pet will love being brushed, and you will love being able to easily drop hair off of the retractable bristles, which make it super easy to keep the tool clean.

5. Not Using Quality Grinder Heads

Once you have picked up the best pet nail trimmer tool for your dog and/or cat, you will want to make sure to purchase the right size or the proper grinder heads. Depending on your pet’s size, you will want grinder heads that can be switched out when it’s time to trim their nails. As a general rule of thumb, if you can still hear your dog’s nails clicking on hard surfaces, it is likely they need to be trimmed some more. You will want to stay about 2 mm away from the quick of the nail.

The RexiPets dog and cat nail grinder can be outfitted with Nail Grinder Diamond Tips in both short and tall sizes. Our high-quality diamond bits make gentle, precise grooming more approachable than ever. They are easy to wash for optimal health and sanitation for your pet’s paws.

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