Just like you keep your own nails trimmed, it is critical that you keep your cat’s nails groomed. Not only can cat claws damage your clothing and furniture, but they can easily cause painful injury. Cats with sharp, overgrown claws can even hurt other animals in your home. Read on for more on safely trimming your cat’s nails.

Why Should I Trim My Cat’s Nails Regularly?

Indoor cats need their nails groomed regularly for their own health and wellbeing as well as the safety of the people and objects around them. Cat nails grow into a curve over time that can drive into their footpads. This can be very painful for your cat and can even lead to infection and problems with mobility. Their nails can also snag and get caught in clothing and other soft surfaces, which can cause injury and/or damage. Many cats tend to knead their owners, which can be painful if your cat’s nails are too long. The best solution is to purchase a Dremel pet nail tool to keep their claws groomed in the comfort of their own home rather than a stressful veterinarian’s office.

Tips for Safely Trimming Your Cat’s Nails

Image of a cat's paws with sharp claws

Here are a few tips to help you trim your cat’s nails, keeping both you and your cat safe.

Keep Calm

Most cats do not like to have their nails trimmed. Cats often have boundaries when it comes to people touching them, so if you know your cat is finnicky or nervous, you will want to prioritize creating a calming environment. Even if your cat is reacting aggressively to you touching their paws, remain calm. If you become agitated, it will only make your cat more anxious.

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Enlist Help

If you are able, ask someone for help, preferably a person with whom your cat is familiar. Your cat can hurt you without meaning to while struggling to get away, and having a second person to try and keep them still will improve your chances of safely grooming their nails. Ideally, one person should hold your cat and the other should use the cat nail trimmer tool to gently file their claws down.

Invest in a Quality Pet Nail Trimmer

Pet nail grinder

One of the most important elements of safe cat nail trimming is using a quality claw trimmer tool. Many nail clippers for pets are bulky and difficult to operate. It is critical that you have optimal control over your tool when trimming your pet’s nails as you can cause serious injury if you clip too much. A Dremel nail tool, such as the RexiPets pet nail grinder, is the best option for safe grooming. You can use the tool to gently file their claws down, making trimming your cat’s nails simple. These tools also do not make a loud, abrasive noise, as some other pet nail trimmer tools do. This is a major benefit as many cats are further agitated by this. You can easily and gently file the nails down to a blunt shape without the risk of clipping too close to the quick.

Acquaint Your Cat with the Clipper

A good way to get your cat comfortable with having their nails trimmed is by making sure they are comfortable with the tool. If the tool is foreign and unfamiliar to them, they are much more likely to feel suspicious and anxious when they are exposed to it. Consider activating the trimmer in your cat’s presence so they are used to the sound it makes. Try trimming a dry piece of spaghetti near your cat, and immediately reward your cat to create a positive association.

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Be Gentle

It is very important to respect your cat’s boundaries while trimming their claws. If your cat is signaling that they are extremely anxious, don’t try to force it. It could lead to serious injury to both you and your pet. Handle your cat gently and avoid holding onto them too tightly. Use your pet nail grinder to gently groom each nail, rather than using an intimidating tool to roughly cut them.

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