RexiPets’ Durable Tug Me Football Dog Toy

The RexiPets Tug Me Football toy is a strong rubber ball for dogs made for even the most aggressive chewers. Keep your pet entertained for hours or fetch, chewing, tug-of-war, dog-on-dog play, and more. From puppies to senior dogs, no level of destructive chewing can damage our extra-durable dog football toy. Its textured edges actually keep your dog’s teeth clean and promote healthy gum stimulation.

Features of the RexiPets Tug Me Football

  • Non-Toxic
    • Peace of mind you are not giving chemical-ridden products to your dog
    • U.S.-made materials
    • No need to worry about tearing/swallowing
  • Play and Exercise
    • Dogs of all ages need exercise
    • Dogs love to play fetch and tug-of-war
    • This toy combines a rope and ball for versatile play options
    • Switch it up or let your dog choose how they want to play
    • Easy way to participate in play with your dog with an indestructible dog toy
  • Extra-Durable
    • Dogs of all sizes can play with this tough dog ball toy
    • Great for destructive/aggressive chewers
    • Fantastic value for your money, as you won’t need to replace it when it quickly breaks or tears
    • Keeps dogs that like to chew away from shoes, furniture, etc.
    • Strong rope dog toy that won’t fray
    • Relief for anxiety
  • Dental Benefits
    • Edges prevent canine plaque/tartar buildup
    • Chewing produces antibacterial saliva
    • Our Tug Me football can provide improved breath for your dog
    • It can also help with teething for young dogs

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