RexiPets’ Durable Chew Ring

The RexiPets Chew Ring dog toy is a tough, tested rubber toy specially designed for even the most persistent chewers. Even the most destructive chewers are no match for our high-durability dog chew rings, with textured nub edges that actually work to keep gums and teeth clean and healthy.

Features of the RexiPets Chew Ring

  • Non-Toxic
    • Our dog chew ring is made only from safe, quality, non-toxic materials in the United States
    • You won’t have to worry about splintering with our tough rubber dog toys
  • Flavored
    • The RexiPets chew ring is available in irresistible flavor options
    • This is great for dogs that lose interest in toys easily
    • Flavor is long-lasting and keeps dogs occupied
  • Extra-Strong
    • Our tough dog toy rings are for large dogs and small dogs
    • They are one of the best toys for destructive/aggressive chewers available
    • A chew ring is a smart investment, as you won’t have to replace it quickly and repeatedly, unlike cheaper, low-quality toys
    • Strong dog toys like our chew ring keep dogs away from shoes, furniture, etc.
    • Chewing provides relief for anxiety in dogs, and this strong rubber dog toy provides hours and hours of chewing time
  • Dental Benefits
    • Chew rings have nubs along the outside that prevent plaque/tartar buildup
    • Chewing promotes antibacterial saliva and can even improve your dog’s breath
    • This is the best dog toy for dogs that don’t like to have their teeth brushed

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