What is a Dog and Cat Nail Grinder?

The RexiPets dog and cat nail grinder is a cordless, easy-to-use grooming tool. It can be used on both dog and cat nails for fast, easy grooming, and can be equipped with large and small heads for different nail sizes. The pet nail grinder has a built-in LED light for optimal view of pet nails, which is critical when it comes to safe grooming.

Benefits of Using RexiPets’ Pet Nail Grinder

  • Cost Efficiency – Rather than having to take your pet to a vet or groomer, you can trim your pet’s nails yourself. It can be costly to repeatedly have a professional groomer trim your dog or cat’s nails, especially if they grow back quickly or are especially sharp. The RexiPets cat and dog nail grinder is only $29.99 and can be used again and again.
  • Anxiety-Free Experience – Some pets have a lot of anxiety about allowing a stranger to cut their nails. This can make it difficult and even dangerous to get the dog or cat to stay still and calm enough for the groomer or vet to clip them, if it is possible at all. Anxious pets can be groomed in the comfort of their own home and by their owner, making the process much less stressful. The RexiPets dog and cat nail grinder is also much more quiet than others, making it less frightening for nervous dogs and cats.
  • Easy and Safe Grooming – Our pet nail grinder allows the user to easily trim the nails without the risks associated with using regular nail clippers, which can injure a pet if used incorrectly. Either large or small pet nail Dremel heads can be attached to the grinder to ensure the perfect size for virtually any breed. This way, the nails will be trimmed neatly without the risk of clipping too much and hurting your dog or cat.
  • Less Damage to Furniture – Pet nails can sometimes get so long, they can cause damage to furniture. Cats often use furniture and carpets to sharpen their nails, and dog claws can easily tear upholstery. Our rechargeable, lightweight tool is the best pet nail grinder for keeping your pet’s nails from becoming too sharp and destructive.

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