Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to RexiPets

We Can Keep Them Happy

Rexipets started out as a simple need for quality pet products. At the time my son was sick a lot and had to spend a lot of time at home. One of his favorite TV shows was Paw Patrol with the main character Chase. We decided to get him a puppy as a Christmas present to lift his spirits. The idea worked and we named him Chase!

Soon I realized Chase is spending more time playing with my son’s toys than his dog toys as most of them had a very short life and to be honest were not very fun. I thought to myself that dogs are the only animals that love their owner more than themselves. They deserve toys that are worthy of that love.

And that is how we decided to launch Rexipets. Our value proposition is simple – Rexipets will carry a hand picked selection of pet toys and grooming supplies geared towards dogs and cats, chosen because of their design quality, value, “fun factor”, and durability.

So using our extensive experience in sourcing quality products from around the globe, we launched Rexipets.

Rexipets selectively aggregates the best products from around the world, creating an expertly curated shopping experience for you. Our goal is not to have the largest but the best selection of products…ones we would want to recommend to our family and friends! Our own pets are part of our vetting process and if they do not positively respond to an item, we will not carry it!

We hope you love our products as much as our own pets do and become a brand ambassador. We would love to hear from you on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

To learn more, please visit our shop, check answers to frequently asked questions, or contact us by clicking the button below.


Our Core Features

Unbeatable Prices

RexiPets products are all tip-top quality. We expect the best. And we still deliver unmatched prices!


All products are 100% pet friendly & safe. They are all checked and tested to make sure they are of the best quality possible.

Healthy / Happy?

RexiPets makes sure to make all your Cats & Dogs happy and with the variety of toys keeps them healthy and active.

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