Bringing home a new puppy is a fun, exciting time. But it takes some planning and preparation to make sure the transition to your home is smooth for both you and your newest family addition. Your new furry friend will need a lot of love and attention over the next months and years of its life. They will also need a variety of items to help take care of them. Be prepared for caring for your new pup with these essential things every puppy owner should have.

1. Durable Dog ToysImage of a puppy with durable rope chew toys

When your puppy starts playing – and when they start teething – having durable toys can make play time safer and more fun.

  • Try getting toys with different textures to keep them entertained and stimulated.
  • Interactive toys like puzzles keep dogs focused and add extra mental stimulation that can go a long way.
  • You can also get toys like this play dumbbell from RexiPets that you can stuff food or treats into to make the puppy work and keep them extra busy while also playing.
  • Softer toys can help the puppy feel safe and secure, like they are still with their littermates.
  • A Tug Me football from RexiPets is the perfect combination of a strong, tough dog ball toy and a durable puppy rope toy that will last well into adulthood.

Puppies also like to chew. Teaching them to chew on a toy instead of your shoes, furniture, or other things they shouldn’t be is important. Be prepared with chew toys that are durable and will help the puppy through teething. Chew toys can also help keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Choose one with like the RexiPets spike chew bone, with spikes or bristles to engage and clean their teeth while also encouraging natural chewing. Some chew toys can serve multiple purposes, like RexiPets’ chew ring, which great for playing fetch or tug of war. You can buy durable dog toys online from our secure online dog toy store here.

2. Crate and Dog BedImage of a puppy in a bed
Your puppy will likely need house trained. This requires both patience and dedication. Crate training the puppy can allow them to have a safe space of their own, while also helping to minimize potty accidents or inappropriate chewing.

A good dog bed is also one of the most important things every puppy owner should have. This gives the puppy a place to rest throughout the day, go for breaks, or even sleep in. The bed should accommodate the puppy’s size and breed and remember, it may get chewed if pup is left alone, so a durable material is key.

3. Collar, Harness, Leash, and I.D. TagsImage of a puppy on a leash

Walking your new puppy is a great way to get active, help your puppy socialize, and teach leash-walking manners. Retractable leashes, when used correctly, can offer flexibility during your walk and allow your dog to explore their surroundings.

There are also many types of collars and harnesses designed to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Others are designed specifically for training. I.D. tags should be always on the collar and have the dog’s name and your contact information in case the puppy was to escape and get lost.

4. Grooming Supplies

CTA image on RexiPets' website

Puppy claws are sharp. They need to be trimmed regularly, but trimming the nails on a squirmy, impatient animal can be tricky. Plus, trimming the nail too short can cause pain. It can also lead to an aversion to having their nails trimmed in the future.

If you are looking for things every puppy owner should have, you definitely need to pick up a pet nail trimmer. A dog nail grinder is built for fast, easy, and painless grooming, making it easy for you to trim you puppy’s nails now and throughout their life. Not only can nail grinders save you money because you can trim the nails right at home, but it helps create an anxiety-free experience that’s easy and safe for both you and your pup.

Depending on the breed of your puppy, they may need regular grooming at home or in between grooming appointments. A great dematting tool can help keep your pet’s coat smooth, healthy, and tangle free. A softer brush can also help de-shed and keep their coat looking it’s best.

If your pup has longer fur, a grooming comb with both narrow and wide sections can help get out the knots and keep your puppy comfortable.

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5. Puppy Food and Treats

Image of a puppy eating from a bowl

Puppies need proper nutrition to grow into healthy, strong adult dogs. You can talk to your vet about the best food for you pup and their needs, but puppy-specific formulas are a must to ensure they are getting the right nutrients.

Puppy treats will also play a big role in training and rewarding, so look for treats that are soft, chewable, and low in calories.

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